These beauty products have made my life so much easier.

This isn’t a list of my favorite things, and it’s not even a list of things I’ve used for that long. But all of these items have entered my life fairly recently and made looking quasi-ok so much easier. I thought you’d all like to know some of the handy beauty products that have been lurking on my countertops recently!

💋 Myro Solar Flare deodorant: After I had my surgery last month, I couldn’t use my favorite deodorant easily. It’s a wonderful formula, but I wanted something gel that could be lightly dabbed and not swiped, which is a motion I can’t easily make under my right pit right now! I grabbed Myro’s deodorant in Orange + Juniper + Sunflower and I’ve been really liking it. Granted, I haven’t been to the gym yet while wearing it so I can’t speak to how well it works when sweating.

💋 Glo Skin Beauty HD mineral foundation stick: I’m a huge fan of natural/non-toxic formulas and always looking for new things to try. I love this brand, and can always use a new foundation so I was excited to try these. They come in different undertones (C, N, W) so you can easily choose what’s right for you. So far, I’ve worn this every day since I’ve had it and it’s SO GOOD. It’s very lightweight, unlike most stick foundation which tends to be sticky and thick. It’s super long wearing, silky smooth, buildable, and looks flawless when paired with a setting powder. I’m obsessed.

💋 It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara: A few weeks ago I picked up a new mascara at Sephora and promptly returned it because it was AWFUL. I had raccoon eyes all day long. This beloved favorite mascara caught my eye shortly after and I decided to give it a whirl again. It’s cult classic status for me and it was a welcome item back in my makeup bag after my most recently mascara fail. I wrote about it here. There’s nothing like a gorgeous set of lashes on your face to brighten up your whole face and this stuff makes it easy.

💋 Aethera Botanical Brightening Concentrate with Cannabis Sativa: I’m a fan of all things CBD for pain (just had surgery yo) but it’s good for skin too. I was going to go out Friday but first, I picked at my skin big time and it looked HORRIBLE. It was inflamed and puffy. And then I thought to myself, “self…don’t you have a product that can take down the inflammation?” And indeed I did…I reached into my stash and tried this out and it took down the redness and swelling in just a couple minutes. I’m sold on it. Go get you some.

💋 Cure Natural Aqua Gel: I’ve only used this a couple times but it’s already love at first use. This is a gentle chemical peel that removes dead skin cells on the surface and they literally roll off your skin as you rub the product in. Skincare penetrates better, makeup sits better, skin just looks healthier and glower overall when I use this type of exfoliator. I have another product that does the exact same thing (L’Bri Rejuvenating Peel) but Cure is a much bigger bottle. I’ll do an ingredient comparison, price per ounce comparison, and dupe post sometime soon.

💋 Saints & Sinners Medusa Divine Curl Cream: I love everything I’ve ever tried from Saints & Sinners and their new curl cream is no exception. I’ve been curling my hair a lot lately, and this is the perfect thing to add afterwards for more definition. You can also use it on damp hair before air drying or styling. I’ve found it pretty versatile to my hair needs. Overall, it protects color, adds moisture, shine, and eliminates frizz with a variety of natural oil ingredients, and is free from a lot of the unnatural and toxic junk that I generally try to avoid in my haircare.

💋 Mahina Menstrual Cup: I’ve been using the Diva cup for years but was looking for a backup cup because I like to have an extra on hand. I love using a menstrual cup on my period and haven’t used tampons in years. Honestly, I came to this place out of necessity and not choice, since tampons no longer worked properly for me after birthing three children. It was a leaky mess every month that only pads could help me with, and with a sensitive girly region, the chafing wasn’t working for me. Now that I have tried a menstrual cup I’ll never go back, and I’m learning that everyone’s cervix and womanly needs are different and there are many brands out there to help us. Any interest in a post on menstrual cups, cleaning them, etc?

💋 Rainbow Light Gummy Vitamin C Slices: Ok, are these really beauty related? Not technically but kind of…vitamin C= glowy skin and a healthy immune system! I am so bad about taking my vitamins, but now that I have discovered Rainbow Light, it’s an easy and joyful part of my day. These gummies taste like actual candy so I never forget to take them. I’ll do a post soon on other Rainbow Light faves. I haven’t been sick yet this season, despite everyone else in my family having had a cold or tummy issues, so I’ll take it as a win the something I’m doing is working!

What are you using and loving lately? Sound off in the comments below. I can’t wait to check it out!

*Some of these products were sent for consideration, and some I bought for myself. All opinions are my own.

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