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I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Phlur to create a fragrance in the past (Améline), and I was so excited when they reached out for feedback on another new one. If you didn’t know, I greened my beauty routine a few years ago, and one of my easy swaps was to stop using toxic fragrance. I tried Phlur, and I’ve never looked back. Now I have many favorites, including Hanami, Améline, Sandara, and others. Now I have a new favorite scent to add to the mix- Añoranza.

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When I was helping Phlur with the production of this scent, we got to try two versions of this- 1 & 2. At first spritz, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. It was super fresh and refreshing. Was it feminine enough? I kept spraying and it has really grown on me. Añoranza is the scent I’ve reached for the most of all of Phlur’s scents in the past several months.

The notes of this fragrance are mint leaves, jasmine, mariposa, and rum. I love the vibe I get from this. It has so much energy. The word Añoranza literally translates to “yearning” and being that the scent is inspired by Havana, I love the image this fragrance conjures for me. The energy and rhythm of two people dancing close together, exploring and laughing through the cobblestone streets, etc.

Añoranza is floral and fresh, romantic and glamorous, enchanting and mysterious. Its smoky and leathery notes come from vetiver bourbon, a rare ingredient that had basically disappeared by the 1980s, replaced by cheaper and competing vetivers. Phlur’s partners reintroduced the plant to Madagascar, where its ability to grow year-round in poor soil with no additives or additional watering, makes it a helpful addition to the local economy.

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