Lipgloss obsessed

Ever since we have had to start wearing masks everywhere we go, I’ve been trying to up my self-care routine. One of the things I’ve been doing is wearing lip gloss all the time. No, not with a mask! That would be quite a mess. But around the house I…

Cigarettes and chocolate milk

Anyone else totally digging up old bad habits or new weird vices during these strange times? I know I have. The other day the words to a Rufus Wainwright song came to mind and I decided I wanted to share some of my strange new habits. cigarettes and chocolate milk…

Everything I read in May & June 2020

A lot happened in May and June this year, from wrapping up pandemic “home school” year, to celebrating my birthday. Now we are well into the swing of summer and I’m realizing that I never updated y’all on what I’ve been reading for the last two months. I was so…

My Favorite Hand Sanitizers

What a time to be alive, when we are trying to figure out our favorite hand sanitizers, since we carry them everywhere. Truthfully, I’m more of a wash my hands with soap and water kind of a gal, but with the coronavirus circling around, I’ve been more careful everywhere I…

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Sol Cheirosa ’62- The Scent of Summer


Billie Razor Review

I’ve been buying everything online lately to avoid going to store (#pandemiclife) and one of the things on my list was to buy a new razor. I’ve been seeing ads for Billie for a long while and decided it was finally time to pull the trigger. I ordered my $9…

All the Books I Read in April 2020

I’ve been really finding myself needing to engage in some self-care, so reading books for escapism has been just what I need during this pandemic. For me, reading self-improvement books always appeals to me, but it’s 100% NOT what I need right now. I might have been shopping with my…