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Wearing makeup every day is exactly the confidence boost I need, so I’ve been prioritizing spending at least five minutes on my face every morning. I don’t always put together an entire “look” but at a minimum, I’ve been putting in a few minutes and it has made me feel like a million bucks. Recently, I discovered the Glo Skin Beauty HD Mineral Foundation sticks, and picked up three shades: Bisque 2W, Fresco 3N, and Sand 4W. Of the twelve shades in their range, I opted to try an assortment in the lighter end of the range. I love trying new foundation, because it’s something I use every time I wear makeup, and I’m always looking for a natural but medium coverage formula to love. I even mentioned these in my post on beauty products that have made my life so much easier! How did this measure up?

Glo Skin Beauty HD Mineral Foundation Stick Review

I love a good non-toxic formula and am always reaching for green beauty. I love that this foundation stick is made from minerals. I’ve found mineral foundation to be lightweight, great for my sensitive skin, buildable in coverage, and silky smooth in texture. Glo Skin Beauty’s foundation stick measured up in all of these areas. Though I was slightly concerned that the formula would be thick and tacky like other full coverage foundation sticks I’ve tried, I found it to have a silky smooth application, that set like a dream with a light dusting of power on top.

What are some of the benefits of using a cream formula? You could technically use this four ways. As a base, as a concealer, as a contour, or as a highlight. Given that I’m usually applying makeup in a hurry, I’m not always taking those steps. If I were to invest in some darker shades, I know this would work GREAT as a contour. I’m fair enough that my lightest shade is the second lightest in their entire range, so I won’t be able to use this as a highlight. But if you had more of a medium skin tone, you certainly could play with these foundation sticks in a variety of ways.

I really appreciate “skincare makeup” that has a ton of benefits for keeping my skin healthy rather than just being an artistry formula. If my job involved acting or newscasting where I had to be on HD camera daily, I might be more interested in reaching for a higher coverage, high definition, highly pigmented formula. But for my day to day life, which involves hanging out with my kids, running errands, and working from home, this is the absolute perfect foundation for me.

I love that they have categorized these by undertone. I grabbed a neutral and two warms, and they all match me great. I’ve been reaching for Fresco 3N, and on days when I apply sunless tanner to my face, I’m doing a warmer shade, like Bisque 2W or Sand 4W.

If you need a perfect, on the go, lightweight, silky smooth, green beauty foundation, look no further! Glo Skin Beauty products can be purchased on, or

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What’s your favorite green beauty makeup item? Tell me in the comments! I’m always looking to try something new!

*Product sent for consideration of review. Opinions my own.

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