Friday Chit Chat Vol. 9

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What is one new thing you’ve tried recently?

Recently, I realized I would love to try something new that would keep my hands busy but not be blogging. On a whim, I picked up some cross stitch patterns from Hobby Lobby. It’s satisfying and fun but it’s harder than it looks. There are so many different methods for stitching and it’s very easy to be sloppy and very difficult to be precise. It’s also much harder than it looks to thread a needle. When you are switching thread colors numerous times, it’s annoying to have to rethread the needle over and over. And you can even break one! I broke my needle right in half when I was trying to jam it through the piece of cloth too hard.

Whether I stick with this or not there are plenty of patterns that come with a hoop, needle, and thread, and the pattern and will set you back $12 or less. It’s a cheap thing I’m going to try for now and we’ll see where it goes.

What’s the best piece of advice you’re received this month?

I’m heeding some of the advice from my new book The Smart But Scattered Guide to Success. It’s a book on executive skills and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. I’ll probably do a full book review when I’m done reading it. I love that I’ll have a blueprint for how to move forward with my scatterbrained self and actually get some stuff done.

What’s something you’re excited about?

My family just went to the county fair in our town the other day. It was really fun and I wore my Sseko Convertible Maxi in public for the first time. I don’t consider myself that stylish, but it was so much fun to wear. I wore it with a purple t-shirt and a flowy shawl style shirt on top. I’m thinking about doing more fashion posts here, specifically eco-fashion.

Another piece of my outfit I wore was my Brass Moon Necklace. I love it and it’s so versatile no matter what type of outfit you are wearing. I think this metal looks good with just about any skin tone.

Sseko is doing their summer clearance right now so both the maxi (which can be worn as a dress OR as a skirt) and the brass moon necklace are on sale. They’ve both become staples in my wardrobe.

This is the worst quality picture ever by my non-Instagram husband. But you get the jist.?And you can clearly see that on my size 2 (on Sseko’s scale) and 5’11” frame this fits like a glove. It’s my new favorite staple to my wardrobe.

Shop Sseko’s birthday sale.

Answer the survey yourself below by copying/pasting. It’s a short one this week!

  • What is one new thing you’ve tried recently?
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received this month?
  • What’s something you’re excited about?

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