March 2022 Newness

Hello! After a long hiatus with lots of spotty consistency in between for the last two years (!) The last couple years has been hard on everyone. I’m finally ready to come back to this space and give it my all. So, what have I been up to? We moved…

My Favorite Hand Sanitizers

What a time to be alive, when we are trying to figure out our favorite hand sanitizers, since we carry them everywhere. Truthfully, I’m more of a wash my hands with soap and water kind of a gal, but with the coronavirus circling around, I’ve been more careful everywhere I…

The Most Helpful Blog Posts of 2019

This blog has been on a journey since the beginning that has felt like a winding path of focus over the span of many years. I used to blog about beauty only, and now I write about everything I love: beauty, my debt journey, easy recipes, self love, and more.…

Domestic goddess. Culinary master of 3 ingredient or less recipes. Lover of all things sparkly. High end beauty snob. Pinner of things I'll never actually make. Working from home is the bomb diggity.

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