The perfect eyeshadow crease shade (and you already own it!)


Today I have a fun beauty tip for you. I love sharing these because anything that makes my life easier could probably make someone else’s life easier too. Does anyone else struggle to find a perfect eyeshadow crease shade? You know what I’m talking about- the shade that you tuck into your crease as a transition shade to add a little bit of dimension to your eyeshadow look. 

What’s the perfect eyeshadow transition shade? Hint- you already own it! 

I stumbled upon this trick a few months ago and I’ve been swearing by it ever since. If I mix my bronzer with my blush that I’m wearing that day, I get the perfect crease shade every time! It’s truly that simple. I dip a fluffy brush into both shades and blend it into my crease. Voila! Done. 

This is the simplest trick in the history of ever but I swear it produces perfection every time! No more guess work and less packing to do when I go out of town. If I bring an eyeshadow palette that doesn’t have what I need I’m still going to be ok- just mix my bronzer and my blush and I’ve got this. I also think it really makes my makeup come together when my eye situation perfectly matches my cheek situation. You have to try it! 

Makeup worn: Detox Beauty Balm; Weekender; Lash Paint; Hell Gate

In the picture above, I’m wearing the Tarte Weekender palette and it’s everything. Matchy matchy. I find all-in-one palettes to be marvelous when it comes to using this trick because everything is laid out for me right there and there is no guess work. Plus, I know my makeup will look seamless. 

In other beauty news, I’m trying something new with my eyebrows. I usually fill them in meticulously, but I’m finding I don’t mind them as much if I trim them down and brush them into place with some Brow Power. For low maintenance days or just in the morning when I’m going to the gym I really like how minimalist it looks! 

I’m also using a new skincare product by Tarte and the before/after pictures are insane. I’ll share with you ASAP since I know you’re probably curious! 

Lastly, now that I’m in my early 30s I find that my skin doesn’t look as firm. It doesn’t bother me that much but I know it’s only going to get worse over time. I always look for new things in skincare but I’m trying a facial tool that’s pretty spendy that is supposed to tighten, contour, and firm things up a little bit. I’m always really skeptical of anything with huge claims so I took some before pictures. I can’t wait to share if it makes a difference. It should be about 60 days before I see a noticeable change. 

Do you have any beauty tips or tricks for me? I’d love to read about them in the comments! 

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