Tarte Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipstick Review


I’m always seeking out makeup that is fun and special and exciting and NOT just your run of the mill stuff that every brand is putting out. I love when brands get super creative and come out with products that I never would have thought I’d even want. Then I see it and I NEED it. It happened to me with the Glitter Drops recently and believe me, I’m the last person to put blue glitter on my face. And this week, it’s happening with these shade shifting duo-chrome lipsticks that I never knew I always wanted. 

Tarte Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipstick Review & Swatches

What they are

Tarte’s Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipsticks are part of their Rainforest of the Sea Collection. It’s a collection of six lipsticks in a shade-shifting, multi-texture finish of duo chrome, glitter, metallic, and iridescent to take your lips from basic to bold in seconds. 

The packaging is the same as their Color Splash lipsticks, and so is the buttery soft formula. The difference is these lipsticks can be worn on their own or layered over other lipsticks to transform the shade. 

Tarte Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipstick Review & Swatches

What I love about them

This is like a lipstick mood ring! I love that depending on what light I’m in these shine differently. The color can be built up on your lips from a light shimmer to much higher intensity. The formula has a lot of glitter but even as the color fades off of my lips, the glitter doesn’t migrate.

Despite how these look in the tube, they’re actually very wearable! I’m a neutral/nude mauve lipstick wearer and I definitely found love with some of these shades. Sometimes it’s fun to wear something with a little punch of color and I especially like the idea of the color shifting slightly depending on the lighting situation or how much you’re wearing, or even if you’ve layered it with other lip products!

Tarte Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipstick Review & Swatches

L-R: Scuba Dive, Ocean Floor, Sunlit, Bodysuit, Yacht Week

The shades

There is a good variety of shades available. I own five of the six. 

Sunlit – sheer golden pink with iridescent glitter

Pink Sand – rose gold metallic

Scuba Dive – lilac with periwinkle duochrome shift

Ocean Floor – mauve with aqua duochrome shift

Yacht Week – vivid orchid with iridescent glitter

Bodysurf – sienna metallic

How I like to wear them

These are really fun to wear on their own or layered over top of another lip shade. They are somewhat sheer on their own but can be built up in a few layers. As you can see in my swatch above, Ocean Floor is a sheer mauve with aqua duochrome shift, but in the picture below, you can see I was able to build up the opacity. I was very surprised by how much I ended up loving this. I would never wear a blue lipstick, but I love how the aqua shines through in the shimmer without being in yo’ face. 

Tarte Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipstick Review & Swatches

Another way I like to wear it? Layered over a liquid lipstick. I tried this layered over a regular lipstick, but I found that the creaminess of a normal lipstick formula causes this to get lost in the formula rather than act as a topcoat. 

Below, you can see how I wore Really Rose as a liquid lipstick, and after it dried down, I put Bodysurf over top. As you can see, the change isn’t significant but it gives the color a bit of a boost and luster. It took the flat rosy shade and made it into something more special. My liquid lipstick took on the texture of the top coat, which is slightly creamy. Despite the glitter, the texture doesn’t feel gritty on my lips. It didn’t break down my liquid lipstick underneath or cause it to crack or shift in any way. 

Tarte Shade Shifting Lipstick over top of another lipstick

As the day wears on and the lipstick wears off it doesn’t migrate but the glitter becomes even more apparent with time. The creaminess seems to fade and the glitter shines more with time. The way it happens is in a pretty way and not in a flaky, frosty, gross way. 

The verdict?

I’m freakin’ obsessed with these and I’m always finding an excuse to wear them over my lipstick lately. I’ve only owned these for a week but I’ve tried each shade and my current favorite is Ocean Floor. I normally wouldn’t buy or feel a need to own a full shade range of something but I am dying to try Pink Sand next. I think it’ll be very pretty with a fair complexion. I’m totally treating myself on my next Sephora trip!

Tarte Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipstick Review & Swatches

Is this something you would try? Tell me your favorite shade in the comments!

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