3 Pretty Additions to My Beauty Routine

In my quest to find beautiful things and engage in more self care, I’ve been adding some new finds to my routine lately.

Olive & June Polish in Art Class: When we moved recently, I de-stashed pretty much ALL of my crafting supplies, realizing I didn’t want to do long term projects; I’d rather create something small and beautiful a couple times a week that didn’t take up space. Enter, my new hobby: painting my nails! I don’t have a lot of talent but Olive & June doesn’t require it. When following the directions, it’s so simple and it’s become my new favorite thing. Though I’ve been hardcore stocking up on shades, a recent favorite is Art Class, a muted eggplant. LOVE!

Melt Cosmetics Sex Foil Highlighter in Stargazer: Good lord I have a lot of highlighters. I saw someone on a late night YouTube binge wearing this so it became an impulse buy on my next Sephora run. Due to Covid restrictions, you can’t really try things in store anymore, or even really swatch them without getting the side eye. So…buying it was a gamble, but I really like it! I expected with a name like “foil” for it to be bright and blinding, but instead it’s sheer-ish, somewhat shimmery, and subtle. It’s not blinding, but rarely do I want to wear something so concentrated anyway. This is a very wearable, blendable, liquid champagne shimmer that I think a variety of light skin tones will enjoy. You get a ton so it would be a good product to use all over the body too.

MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy: I went through a phase a while back during a VERY stressful season in my life, where I would go to the mall once a week for a pick me up. If I didn’t find something I “needed” I would leave through Nordstrom and buy a MAC lipstick on my way out. I ended up with quite the little collection, and one of the first ones I tried was the shade Velvet Teddy, a matte deep-toned beige. I knew it was a cult classic so I bought it without even looking at the shade first. I tend to gravitate to a pink or mauve tinted neutral, and this is not that; it’s a very true beige. It’s different than anything else I have and I really like it! The finish is also gorgeous; it’s matte but not drying at all and has a bit of slip, but it stays put.

What are you using and loving lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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