What’s Your Favorite Cream Bronzer?


What’s your favorite cream bronzer?

Cream products can be super tricky to work with. There is a lot not to like. Unless I love a cream product enough to wear it daily, it’s not a worthy investment to me. They dry out faster than powder products, and they’re not as foolproof to wear. That said, I’ve been obsessed with a few more natural brands lately, and I’ve been giving some products a whirl that previously wouldn’t have been on my radar to try at all. One such product is the glo minerals Cream Bronze in Warmth.

We were in Florida last week and my fair complexion got a little bit of a tan. I wear SPF 50 and I reapply religiously, but I did get just a touch of sun anyway. I have been reaching for bronzer all week to keep that glow going. I gave Warmth a try and was very pleasantly surprised by how well I liked it.

This cream bronzer only comes in one shade and it’s super easy to blend and build the shade up. I will attribute the easy blending to the fact that I used one of my favorite brushes from Claré Blanc. I used the brush by dabbing it lightly into the compact and buffing it into the hollows of my cheeks as well as around my hairline. I really loved the result. It’s sunkissed but not at all orange. Just my speed when it comes to a bronzer. It’s easy to go overkill when you are as light as I am but I think it looks super subtle and pretty. 

If you shy away from cream products as much as I do, you’ll probably still love this. This will be one of my few cream products that doesn’t dry up before I finish using it. 

I only found this for sale at Lovely Skin, a shop that I linked above. I wonder why they’re not stocking it at some of the places I would normally buy from. I hope they’re going to keep selling it! If you haven’t bought from glo before, I will link below some of my favorites from their line.

What’s your favorite cream bronzer? Do you use cream products at all? 

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