What mascara are you using right now?

What mascara are you using right now?

Clinique  Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara 1I just bought a tube of Clinique’s new Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara. I had been chugging on the same old tube of It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara (read review) for months so I was in desperate need of a change up. Clinique describes this formula as a custom-volume mascara to dial up your lash look from fluttery to full-on volumized. 

Clinique  Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara 2This has one of the most unique tubes I’ve ever seen. You twist the barrel and line it up on one of three settings. I am always in the mood for a dramatic lash, whether I’m wearing very much makeup besides mascara or not. Of course that means I went straight for the most dramatic look! 

Clinique  Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara 3I am always game for building a few coats of mascara on so that’s what I tried to do with this formula. I’m pretty sure the difference between the three settings is in how much product is dispensed onto the applicator. I really appreciated that even the fullest lash setting didn’t give me a goopy mess of mascara. I was able to quickly apply a couple coats despite how quickly the formula dried to my lashes.

I found that this mascara gave me a fair amount of volume as well as a ton of separation between my lashes. I’m usually all about getting volume, curl, length, and more with my mascara but I think the biggest two features I am seeing from this is the volume and the definition. If I had to compare it to any mascara I’ve tried before I would say it’s similar to Lancome Definicils

Clinique Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara 4Another thing I love about this is the fact that the brush is on the smaller end. Too often I will spring for a huge brush that won’t reach the base of my lashes, and I can’t coat the entire length of my lashes. This really covers them from root to tip, so I am not reaching for my It Cosmetics Tightline Mascara as often as I would be otherwise! I wish this had a tiny bit more oomph when it came to thickening, but I want for nothing more when I pair this mascara with a quick clamp of my eyelash curler. I curl them before I use the mascara and then once quickly afterwards. I am curious what it would be like if I paired this with something thickening though! 

Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara beforeLash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara after

I’m curious- have you tried this yet? I love Clinique’s mascara formulas and I love that like the others I have tried from this line, this one is really easy to remove. I’m finding it super easy to get off with a standard eye makeup remover or even just water! Despite how easy it is to remove it really stays put during the day too. A dream come true!

What mascara are you using right now? Any recommendations for what I need to try next?

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  1. 7.18.16

    Loving this packaging!

  2. 7.18.16
    Amber said:

    That’s the cutest mascara tube EVER!! I love Clinique mascaras usually, so I’ll definitely have to give it a try! I’m currently using a mascara from GA-DE cosmetics that I really like, and have a few samples waiting to test as well.

  3. 7.18.16

    I’ve got IT Cosmetics SuperHero mascara, but my favorite for my lashes hands down is Mirabella Beauty Lush Lash Waterproof Mascara – I wish they didn’t have a $10 UPS delivery fee because in spite of having about 25 other mascaras I want to reorder that one!

  4. 7.18.16
    Renu said:

    I adore the packaging! And I love the results on you. I got Sephora’s Lash Stash last Christmas, so I’ve been using the mini-tubes one after the other.

  5. 7.18.16

    Currently I’m using Pur Big Lash. I’ve never had good luck with
    Clinique mascaras but then mascara is my jam so I like to try every new launch!

  6. 7.18.16

    Im using a bunch of mascaras right now but my two favorites and Punker. I like how black this mascara makes your lashes.

  7. 7.18.16
    Phyrra said:

    Because I’ve got lash extensions I rarely wear mascara. When I do, I reach for It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara.

  8. 7.18.16
    MarciaF said:

    Eddie Funkhouser has a mascara that twists and dials up volume. You can actually see it change. I just don’t seem to have good luck with Clinique mascara but I haven’t tried one in years so maybe it’s time to rectify that.

  9. 7.19.16
    Erika said:

    That mascara gives pretty lash. I should try it. I am currently loving Mirabella Lasting Lash Waterproof Mascara. Crazy, that I would like a waterproof.

  10. 7.19.16

    Your lashes loom natural with this mascara. I use Too Faced BTS atm

  11. 7.19.16

    The packaging is too cute! I have been noticing more brands doing the little twist cap thing lately.

  12. 7.19.16
    Anastasia said:

    This mascara is perfect for the daytime! I love that it gives your lashes naturally groomed look without being too bold.

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