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I have a shortage of selfies or pics to share right now because we are in the middle of a pandemic and I’ve worn real clothes like 3x in the last 3 months. Here’s a picture of me wearing the Lucky Chic lipsticks that I love…gotta dig those back out because I forgot how much I LOVE them!

I remember reading once in a magazine that some people were having a friendly office discussion about their sleeping habits, and one of them revealed that she and her husband chose every night what side of the bed they would sleep on. Neither one of them had a specific side. WHAT?! I literally can’t even imagine not having my own side of the bed.

I think it’s kind of fun to think about what types of things I like or don’t like and compare them to what is the norm. Really…what’s normal anyway? Everyone is their own brand of strange, but I’ve compiled a list of things that I would consider my weird quirks. I’m dying to know what you do or don’t do on my list! Leave me a comment with your own unique things.

I love to sleep alone.

I prefer to sleep alone and take up as much space as possible. In my future fantasy life, I have my own bedroom and bathroom that I don’t have to share with anyone. Sleeping is one of my favorite things in the world, and I like it to be just right. For that reason, I rejoice whenever my kids decide to sleep in the same bed for a “sleepover” because that means at least one of their beds is vacant and I can have one all to myself for the night!

That’s not to say I don’t like sharing a bed with my hubby, but he also likes things just so which includes sleeping with a fan and waking up intermittently in the night. I like sleeping without a fan and if I get hot I sleep on top of the covers. That being said…I LOVE to sleep alone.

I don’t meal plan.

I really don’t like to cook at all. I prefer to “assemble” things. Most of my meals are things like build your own tacos, add a bunch of stuff to pasta, or chicken and a vegetable. I rarely cook from a recipe and my style is just to hodgepodge all the things we have in our fridge and pantry until something resembles a meal. Rather than meal planning I like to decide what sounds good for the next 2-3 days and I go to the grocery store and pick up a handful of just those things. I end up going grocery shopping probably 2-3 times a week for this reason. It’s just my thing however weird it sounds…it helps me fulfill whatever cravings I have when I have them and it also saves me from having to follow a recipe because I don’t have the attention span to do that.

I’m always trying a new brand.

Just like I like to try new things when I’m blogging all the time, I don’t have “go to” brands when I grocery shop either. I rarely buy the same brand of coffee, spaghetti sauce, orange juice, etc. twice! It’s a cheap thrill to me to always be reaching for something slightly different.

An exception to this is when it comes to junk food. I’m very brand loyal when it comes to cookies and gummy candies. My favorite candies are the Trader Joe’s Sour Scandinavian Swimmers, Newman’s Os, and Justin’s peanut butter cups. I’ve been known to drive 40 minutes each direction just to stock up on Scandinavian Swimmers. #worthit

I hate decorating.

I really don’t like anything about the process of making my house look and feel like home. I get professional pictures taken of my girls twice a year and have them hung up all throughout our home. But aside from that, I just don’t know what to do to decorate. I have a mental block when it comes to knowing how to arrange, paint, and put up decor. I tend to have someone else like my mom put things together for me, and then never touch them again myself until she visits again, gets bored with the design, and changes it herself.

I own a billion makeup products but wear makeup maybe 1-2 times a week.

I love everything about beauty products and I’m always buying them or getting sent new stuff to review. But when it comes right down to it, 90% of the time I’m wearing athleisure clothes and no makeup LOL. This is something I am working on changing because I know I would feel SO much better if I took more time for myself in the morning. I feel refreshed and renewed when I spend a little time getting ready and putting my face on.

In other words, I have enough of a beauty stash to have ten faces, yet I am typically pretty low maintenance LOL.

I’m scatterbrained and a naturally cluttery person.

I’m naturally very spacey and I often forget my sentence as I’m saying it. My brain is filled with a million thoughts at once. It’s exhausting to be me. My GP says I have ADD which I totally agree with, but my psychiatrist says the meds for that would make me more anxious (no thanks). So instead I just have some natural coping mechanisms I use to get by.

I am also a very cluttery person and have a hard time parting with things from kid projects to notes I wrote down to remember things, etc. I also love to collect little tchotchkes and have shelves in my house just to hold all the little trinkets I have from traveling, stuff I’ve bought at craft shows, gifts from friends, etc. My house is basically a physical representation of my brain. So if you ever come over and are overwhelmed by “stuff” know I am too. LOL

I buy books faster than I can read them.

Every time I hear a book title I want I put it in my Amazon cart. For a long time I didn’t know how to make a wish list, so I’d just toss it in my cart and a lot of the time I would accidentally end up buying it. I’m also a BOTM club member, and I’m always collecting books. I have way more in my possession than I’ve actually read. Someday I’ll catch up! Read my book reviews here.

I dream that I never graduated college at least 2x a week.

This one is really strange to me because as a stay at home mom who writes online, I have literally no reason to need my college degree right now. I subbed for 2.5 years after college, but it’s been over 8 years now since I’ve worked at a job that required me to have my teaching license. That being said, I regularly dream that I am sitting in the office with the chancellor of the music department and being told one of two things.

  1. I don’t have enough concert punches to graduate. One of our requirements for graduating was attending ten concerts per semester. We would have to stand in line and get our card punched before we went inside, and then after, to prove that we were there the whole time. Needless to say, this was a total PITA and many of us struggled to meet this requirement because we were so damn busy.
  2. That I can’t graduate because I’ve been forgetting to go to science class. This did actually happen to me for a week or two in college one semester where I had to take about ten classes at once. I completely forgot to go to science for a little while. In my dream I am looking at a row of jars full of baby pigs soaking in formaldehyde lined up on a bookshelf, ready to be dissected. I’m not sure if that’s why I was skipping class because I think the class in question was botany or something. Either way, I’m sure I would never agree to dissect an animal for a class because I have a very weak stomach for that sort of thing.

My dream always ends with me troubleshooting what I need to do. Do I need to work out an agreement with the teacher to let me catch up? Can I just do really poorly in the class and call it a day because Ds get degrees? Do I need to pay for a whole semester of schooling just because I have one class to take? Do I need to move back to Eau Claire to take this class? This last question always gives me another scare during my dream because I start to plan it out and then forget that I have a family and can’t drive three hours there and back.

I’ve been having this dream at least a couple times a week for the last ten years. So, in other words I’ve been having this dream hundreds, maybe thousands of times in the last decade. I’m sure that says something about me and how I process (or don’t process) things, but I’m not sure what!

I am sure I am full of even more quirks, so maybe I’ll add to this list sometime. But in the meantime, this was fun to write and share. Let me know your weird quirks in the comments! I always feel way less strange when I hear about the oddities that others have.

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  1. 6.7.20

    You sound a lot like me! I have the exact same dream about forgetting to go to class, usually a math or science class you can’t cram for at the last minute.

    • 6.14.20
      justina said:

      I can’t believe I’m having this dream STILL after all these years!

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