Weekend Links I Love | 1.18.20

This was a long week full of to-do list projects and I’m glad for a semi-relaxing weekend. We spent last weekend painting my office purple 🥰and moving our piano into our formal dining room. I’m looking forward to choosing paint colors for a few other rooms of our house as a way of freshening up on a budget! Today we are finally building a custom shoe rack that will fit under the counter in our laundry room. As a family of five with three girls (who all have an affinity for shoes) this is a project that should have been done long ago. Though winter is not my favorite season, I love viewing it as “cozy season” and a reason to finish lots of indoor to-do list items.

Here are a few things that have been bookmarked on my computer this week. Enjoy!

Loving this moss green color inspo. Trying to decide which room of my house I want to paint this color. Bathroom? Dining room?

Looking for refills on a few beauty products and I’m checking out these dermatologist-approved eye creams.

Brooke’s three month no buy has been such an inspiration for me. I love how she details why she is doing it. She’s inspired many to embark on the same journey!

Meg O’s collab with QVC has me wanting to subscribe to the TILI box. Has anyone ordered it yet?

Tati Beauty just came out with a makeup applicator. I skipped buying her palette but bought the Blendiful. I can’t wait to give it a try later today!

Ever since trying the Fitglow Beauty Lip Serums I have had a few other things in my cart that I’ve been wanting to try from their brand. I got a sample of the Eye C Firm and am obsessed, but I’d also like to try their Lumi Firm and Lip Colour Cream.

I’m itching to travel somewhere this winter but I’m not sure where. It would be on a budget, for sure. I’m dream planning some cheap US travel for 2020.

Earlier this week I set a reading goal for 2020 and I’ve been wanting to check out more books for pleasure. I signed up for the Book of the Month club. You can join too for $5.

I was so late sending out a Christmas card that they were mega expensive to send. I’m checking out Shutterfly to send out an early Valentine’s card this year instead.

I bought these joggers from Target a few months ago and I’m still obsessed.

Lately I’ve been plagued with having so much to say but not having the words. I have the book Let it Bleed: How to Write a Rockin’ Memoir and I love all the writing prompts to get my pen moving on paper. It feels good to have the release of letting it all out.

Kristin Ess just came out with a fragrance-free haircare line and I’m living for it.

I’m not on a no-buy but I’m definitely on a low-buy which is a damn shame because I am DYING to try Bite Beauty’s newly launched product line. They have foundation and powder now!

My friend Melanie helps people launch their own beauty brand. I’ve been intrigued by her wholesale line’s false lashes. I need to try them out!

A friend of a friend just launched a CBD beauty brand and I’m dying to try it! I’m especially drawn to her CBD under-eye roller.

I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I’m challenging myself to eat more plant-based meals in 2020. I just discovered the Beyond Meat Burgers, which ironically live in the meat department though they are not. They look, cook, and taste like meat but have no GMOs, soy, or gluten. Yummy!

A year ago I was in Sedona, AZ with a friend. Ahhh the memories. I’d love to go somewhere warm this winter.

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