Valentine’s Day with LUSH 2014

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If you read my blog regularly, you probably realize I’ve been on a little bit of a LUSH kick. I reviewed some really hydrating products from them recently and I keep discovering tons of stuff from them that I want to feature. This week, I’m obsessed with their Valentine’s Day line. I got lots of goodies from them in the mail to share with you! By the way, if you live near a LUSH store, I’m really jealous of you! I have a long wish list of things I want to order but I wish I could see them in store first!
Prince Charming is a fresh pomegranate and marshmallow body wash. I have loved using this and I’m super bummed it’s limited edition. Fresh pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil cleanse and energize the skin. Fair trade vanilla pod infusion, skin softening marshmallow root and almond oil moisturizer the skin. The fragrance was made especially for this product. I love that the scent is really strong while I’m in the shower, but doesn’t linger on my skin and compete with the other products I use. It is definitely a Valentine’s Day scent- sweet and delicious. 
Tender is the Night is a butter massage bar, and the name was borrowed from an F. Scott Fitzgerald book. How cool is that? This scent was created by a LUSH perfumer who called it “vanilla orchid” and LUSH fell in love with it so they made it into a massage bar. The perfume includes romantic essential oils, invluding vanilla absolute, jasmine absolute, and ylang ylang oil. To soften skin, it also contains sensual shea and murumuru butter. Admittedly, I don’t ask for massages very often. My last massage was last year on Valentine’s Day in fact! (or was it Mother’s Day…I can’t remember now) but the nice thing about giving or receiving Tender is the Night is that you will have an excuse so ask your significant other for a massage rather than splurging on one! 
 Neon Love Soap is also a limited edition product, inspired by an art project called 12 Months of Neon Love. It contains fresh passion fruit juice to cleanse and soya yogurt to nourish. It can be used in the bath, shower, or for regular hand washing, which is how I prefer it! A new perfume was blended for this bar, including a citrusy bergamot, rosewood oil (harvested from a forest in the Amazon by locals in a sustainable way) and spicy cinnamon leaf oil. There are little white hearts hiding inside to make sure every little slice is special! Soap is such a great gift to give because everyone uses it. LUSH has some really great selections, so be sure to check them out! 
The Kiss is a lovely lip gloss that is limited edition for Valentine’s Day. It’s vegan, preservative-free, highly moisturizing and softening, and has subtle color and lots of shine. There is a whipped buttery base of Fair Trade shea and cupuacu as well as almond and organic mandarin oils to bring delicious flavor. Organic agave syrup is there to give it a high shine finish. Guarana seed powder is a natural lip plumper and is present in the formula as well. Based upon the color of the lip gloss I was expecting it to be a little more pigmented, but it went on rather sheer. The texture is pretty slick, and it really moisturized my lips. I’m sure it’s called “The Kiss” because it won’t make your date go running from you like so many sticky and highly glossy lip glosses out there. It’s a great little tin to keep handy, but don’t put it in your pocket because it might melt! 
Lastly, my favorite has been Love Locket Bath Bomb. It’s meant to be used three times, break it in half and there will be two halves and a center for three separate baths. The outside layer is speckled with paper hearts that will float out to the surface of the pink water, and the hidden center releases shiny red agar seaweed hearts. The scent is a blend of vanilla, jasmine and neroli essential oils. The bath bombs are by far my favorite part of LUSH’s line. I give my one year old baths and she absolutely loves to drop the bath bomb in and watch it sink and do its thing. For some odd reason, I figured the center of Love Locket would be wrapped in plastic and I would pull it out of the tub, so I sunk the whole thing in there. I was wrong, but it was super fun anyways, and we had a ton of fun watching the bath bomb spin, sink, and fizz as it sprayed all the little red seaweed hearts everywhere! 
My daughter was in absolute heaven taking a bath in her hot pink bath water. She had an absolute blast splashing around. We got lots of pictures of her shrieking and laughing as she was looking at the pretty water. She is in a total age of discovery, and has never taken a bath in anything but clear water before. This was a real treat for her and she smelled so delicious when we took her out of there! 
Are you going to pick up anything from LUSH for Valentine’s Day? I think you should! Be on the lookout later today for my Valentine’s Day gift guide I will be posting with more ideas on what to splurge on if you’re looking for a last minute gift idea! 

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