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I’ve been trying to go out of the box of my normal SAHM outfit, which is a pair of jeans and a nursing tank top, with a shirt and scarf thrown over top when out in public. Part of my “out of the box” goal includes trying to paint my nails (a rarity) and find some different shoes to wear (I’ve been wearing one pair of ugly shoes every day since November).

Luckily, my two favorite words when it comes to fashion- comfortable and easy- are both able to stay true with my new LAMO kicks and my NCLA nail wraps. Although they wouldn’t need to be worn together, I do kind of feel like when I wear them at the same time I have the tribal thing goin’ on.  


My LAMO moccasins in Sabrina are in a lovely black shade with brown ties. These can be purchased at the LAMO site or at your local Kohl’s store. I find them super comfy for indoor wear, although they have a sole on the bottom so I can wear them outside too. I picture these with jeans or capris in the Spring time and think they would be great with patterned tops. They are very well constructed, although I do have a little piece of the weave that needs to be reinforced on the side of one of the shoes.
NCLA’s nail wraps are SO cute and very functional. I am wearing Umoja wraps which are inspired by the Maasai culture. What I love about these wraps is that there are SO many in each pack. There are 2 sheets of 22 wraps, which is enough for 3-4 applications, which is awesome, since these run at $16 a pack.? Also, you have everything you need in the sleeve it comes in, minus the clear nail polish needed to seal them on. You get all the nail wraps, and a nail file, which you use to file the edges off. I found that these applied beautifully to my toenails also since there are so many varying sizes of wraps. These have been very fun to play with!
Are you playing with any fashion trends or nail trends this Spring? Link your pictures in the comments below!

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