Trending: Fragrance For Your Hair

Fragrance that you spray in your hair, not your wrists, has been all the rage lately! This is a trend I would’ve thought to be reserved for the 12 and under crowd, but once you try it, you’ll see why us 20 and up folk think it’s something to shout about. 
Why would you want to spray fragrance in your hair?
-After the gym
-After a smoke break
-Your other hair products don’t have a scent to them 
-Date night where your significant other has their face near your hair
Have I convinced you yet? Let me tell you what I love about hair fragrance…

Trending: Fragrance For Your Hair

This is a trend that’s catching on enough so that there are many options out there. Do you want to smell sweet? Do you want to smell sexy? I want to smell both ways on different occasions and I’ve found two options:
GG Gatsby- This brand’s “Flirt” fragrance reminds me exactly of Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea scent. It is the perfect fresh, sweet spritz for my hair in the summer months. At $12.99 it is the perfect price point for everybody.
Mane Teeze From the creators of the Blow Dry Bar, we have Black Widow, one of three scents in their couture hair fragrance line. I found this scent to be sexy and comprised of dark amber with a hint of chocolate. The sophisticated glass bottle it comes in runs $34 which is not much considering how long wearing (up to 12 hours) the fragrance is. 
Both of these scents have proven to be long wearing and neither left behind a trace- my hair wasn’t greasy after use. I’d check ’em out if you need a quick hair pick me up.

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