Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress


I’ve had a bit of a hard day today, and I’ve felt rather unmotivated to do anything. Instead of moping, I decided to write a post on how I manage when I am feeling highly anxious. I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life, but I have developed some failsafe tips over the years for helping me feel better. I wanted to share a few of them with you today.


  1. Get ready for the day. This seems like such a simple tip but it’s so helpful. A quick shower, a cute outfit, and some hair and makeup always work their magic to make me feel more like myself. Of course using a luxe product like L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil while I’m sudsing up helps me smell as great as I feel. Check out their Almond Gift Set for the holidays while it’s still available! 
  2. Lay off the caffeine. If I’m already feeling jittery, coffee is not going to do me any favors. Decaf tea does wonders for me. 
  3. Use essential oils. Young Living’s Tranquil blend applied to my pulse points really helps me. When my head is pounding and I feel tense, I’ve also had luck with Valor. 
  4. Make someone’s day. When I am feeling rotten, helping someone else makes an enormous difference in my mood. It can be as big as buying the person’s groceries behind you in line or as small as buying someone coffee.
  5. Get outside and get some fresh air. If the weather is decent taking a walk outside always improves my disposition. The extra calorie burn feels great too!
  6. Clean the house. Scrubbing down the kitchen and bathrooms and catching up on laundry helps me feel productive and good. When I’m stressed out, making my home my sanctuary feels divine. 
  7. Do a hobby. I grew up playing piano and saxophone and went to college for music. It can so satisfying to pick up something you are good at and just do it for a little while. Playing music, painting, running…whatever your “thing” is, go do it. 
  8. Pamper yourself. I’m no stranger to making myself feel great through the use of beauty products. I was feeling particularly stressed today when the doorbell rang and the mail delivery person had two packages of Mineral Bath Soak for me. It’s rare that I would take the time for a bath (I’ve got three kids four and under, including a newborn!) but soaking my feet sounded marvelous. I got the Lavender-Hibiscus and the Rosemary-Mint Tea blends from FarmHouseFresh, one of my favorite brands. I wasted no time opening the Lavender-Hibiscus and poured some steaming hot water into a big bowl (as hot as my kitchen sink would go) and let the blend of oils, organic teas, and flowers flow out of the bag and into the bowl. A bag of these weighs a pound and is enough for 8 deep tub baths. If you simply soak your feet like I did, I’m sure you could stretch the bag out forever. 

farmhouse-fresh-mineral-bath-soakI wanted to soak my feet forever in this blend, it smelled so good and felt so relaxing! It was just the pick me up I needed to manage my stress level today.

If you are stressed and anxious, what are some of the things you do to manage? I’d love to hear some ideas in the comments! 

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