They’re Real! Push-up Liner Pen by Benefit

When Benefit came out with a lash lining gel pen, I knew immediately I had to give it a try. I’ve read many negative reviews on this, as well as a couple positive reviews. I was hoping that those negative reviews I read were from people who weren’t used to gel liner. It can be kind of tricky to use. Read on to see what I thought! 

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They’re Real! push-up liner is the only liner of its kind right now. It is a matte black, gel formula that is smudge proof and budge proof and won’t dry out. It has a soft AccuFlex tip that hugs the lash line. To use this, you remove the orange stopper that you can see below and twist the bottom for several clicks. I had to hear about 30 clicks before any product came out at all. 

benefit they're real push up liner 2The product flows out the tip that you can see in the picture below. I wouldn’t actually say flows. It basically inches out. Gel liner is typically thicker than you would find with a liquid formula so it’s a little different of a texture. 

benefit they're real push up linerThe tip is referred to as an AccuFlex tip. It’s basically a silicone tip and it’s hard-ish but still has a little bit of give. It’s going to be stiff enough to mimic an makeup brush that you would use to apply gel liner, but does have a little wiggle. I’m pushing on it in the picture below just a little bit. 

benefit push up linerThe amount of product shown below is all you need for an eye. In fact, probably a little more than you need for an eye. This is one click. I would recommend not clicking up more than once per eye or you will end up with way too much product! 

benefit they're real push up liner 3And down below, I’m modeling my hand wig. haha JUST KIDDING. I was testing out and taking pictures of other products today and totally didn’t even think to wipe the mascara fibers off of my hand before swatching this liner. Hilarious. I do not have hairy hands in real life though, promise! Bonus points if you can guess where the mascara fibers came from though! Anyway, I wanted to give you an idea of how the product draws on to skin. That’s the line I was able to create. Note that where I started the line at the top of my hand, it’s a bit thicker and more product deposits than anywhere else on the line. 

benefit they're real push up liner swatchSo what do I think of They’re Real Push-up liner? I want to walk you through my thoughts and concerns. 

This is totally budge proof, smudge proof, water proof, and everything proof. This is going NOWHERE until you take it off. They sell a special remover for it, but you can get by with whatever you’re using for your waterproof eye makeup already. I am used to using a pot of gel liner with an angled brush, which was the only way to apply gel liner until now. That can get messy and it’s not fun to travel with so I really appreciate having it in a liner pen form. You will want to tighten the lid after each use and clean the silicone tip off with a kleenex or makeup wipe after every use as well to keep it fresh.

When using a pot of gel liner and an angled brush, my technique involves dipping into the product and wiping the excess off on the edge of the pot before moving to my eye. You lose that ability when you are working with this pen. All the product is right there and waiting. So if you twist too much up, you are going to want to wipe some off (wasting it) before starting. Like I showed you in my swatch photo, you get more product right at the very beginning. So obviously you won’t want to start in the inner corner of you eye or anywhere you’re trying to get a thin line. Start at the outer corner and work your way inwards. I have also found that gently pulling the end of my eyelid taut and applying from the outside in has given me a crisp line. 

benefit they're real eyeliner pen

My concern is how quickly this product will dry out. I have been screwing the lid down tightly, but I worry that whatever is left in the bottom of the tip that hasn’t worked its way out yet will dry up and cause a traffic jam for the product. A way to avoid that would be to squeeze out the tip after each use because it’s silicone, but that would be very wasteful. Keeping the orange plug in there might help too, but only time will tell. For people who use the same product every day until it’s gone, this may not be a concern, but for people like me who rotate a lot, I’m a little worried it will dry out.

All in all, I am loving this little pen. It does everything I want it to! I was curious and had to have it but if you are worried about it drying out or wondering how it performs, ask a sales associate at Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, etc. I’m sure nobody who has reviewed this on the internet has had the chance to use the entire liner pen up yet, but someone who works at a counter and uses the products all day long might have worked their way to the bottom of the product already and might have some tips for you. I’m curious to see how it performs over the span of a few months and will update this review if anything groundbreaking happens. In the meantime, I’m keeping my receipt just in case.

Have you tried this? Will you try it? What do you think? 

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  1. 7.26.14

    It sucks it dries out quickly. I was interested in this, too.

  2. 7.26.14
    Semirah said:

    Would love to try that!

  3. 7.26.14

    What a great thorough review! I love the concept of the liner – it’s really well-thought out but it would be a bummer if it dries out so quickly!

  4. 7.28.14

    This looks like a great liner. But…wish it worked for my post baby (ahem) boobs too…lol!

  5. 1.19.15
    Ditte K said:

    Yeah, sorry to report that it dries out between uses and exactly makes a traffic jam 🙁

    • 2.10.15
      justina said:

      Shoot, hasn’t happened to me yet but I’m not looking forward to it if it does!

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