The one step I add to my beauty routine when I’m going out

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I don’t go out much, but when I do I love getting ready. The whole process of picking an outfit, doing my hair, and looking my best has always been super fun to me. I love to pull out the stops and change my simple getting ready routine to something a little more luxe from time to time. You’ve heard of my favorite $9 perfume, right? Or the best lipstick for people who can’t stand lipstick? Today we’re talking all about collagen hydrogel patches.

Pixi DetoxifEYE

The Pixi DetoxifEYE Hydrogel Eye Patches have botanical collagen, caffeine, and some sort of magic that help them do their thing. I just love everything about these! They’re green and shimmery, and when I apply them under my eyes they’re cold, firming, and make my whole eye area feel refreshed. When I take them back off, I can see that my under eye area is less puffy. Once makeup is on, it applies smooth as can be.

Using these for a hot minute is the one step I add to my beauty routine every time I go out. I don’t use them every day or even every week, but when I’m going to be doing something fancy, I need them in my life. They are my secret weapon beauty product.

Do you have something beauty related you take out just for special occasions? Tell me all about it!

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  1. 10.29.19
    Viva Glow said:

    This product is amazing for puffy eyes. Just pop them in the fridge for that cooling effect.

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