The Must Have Highlighter of the Summer


I’m not an impulse shopper when it comes to my beauty purchases. Truth be told, I’ve tried out so many products over the years that it takes a lot to wow me! There are a few brands that consistently come out with innovative products that set them apart from the rest of the marketplace that are always on my radar, but other than those select few I could spend hours in Sephora and walk out without anything. Recently, I found a highlighter that blew me away and I instantly knew I had to buy it. I’ve been wearing it every day and I think it’s going to be the must have item for spring and summer this year. 

Highlighter can be super fussy! I have dry skin and I’m in my 30s so I don’t want something that isn’t going to flatter me. I also own eleventy billion highlighters already, so I don’t want something I can dupe in my own collection just for the sake of owning something new. If I was going to create a checklist for my perfect highlighter, here’s what I am looking for:

  • No fallout. 
  • Must look great on dry skin and not cling to dry patches. 
  • No chunky glitter. It needs to be smooth and look airbrushed on my skin.
  • Needs to be a shade that flatters fair skin. Anything too dark will make me look sick.
  • Needs to not be a dupe for anything I already own.

The best highlighter of 2018

Um, that’s a pretty tall order! But the new Amrezy Highlighter? Freaking nails it! I’ve owned this for two weeks and I can’t stop wearing it. 

You already heard my wish list but I’ll tell you a little more. This shade is a light brilliant gold which looks really nice on my fair skin. The glow can come across as lit from within or super powerful. You know me, I’m basic and love to wear a more natural glow for my day to day. But I like having the option that I could wear more of it for a special occasion and it would still look nice! My favorite way to intensify this on application is by using a little bit of this on my brush. 

Lately I’ve been really loving multi-use products. I’ve been wearing the same palette to do my eyeshadow, bronzer/contour, eyebrows, etc. so I love that I can pop this on for a highlight and also use it for my all-over lid shade. It gives my skin a really cohesive looking glow, rather than picking out a highlighter shade and then a separate but similar all-over lid shade. This way everything really melts together! 

The way I apply this is with my favorite fan brush. I love this one because it’s a great brush for placing highlighter and it’s only $18. Other fan brushes are WAY more! I can easily build this up with a few more passes of product, and can also spray some illuminating setting spray on my brush to intensify for a bolder, wetter glow. If I apply this to my lids I’ll use a finger. After I’m done applying this, I’ll always go in with a dampened beauty blender to make everything melt together. I want my bronzer, highlighter, and cheek color to all blend nicely into each other rather than looking like harsh lines.  It applies beautifully, lasts all day, and doesn’t emphasize facial texture.

And if it didn’t already sound like something you wanted to try, this is virtually dustless. The texture is super finely milled, and there’s zero kickback. The powder has a dry finish, and even if you jab a brush in there nothing will kick up from the pan. No glittery fallout! 

When I saw this at Sephora I tried to talk myself down by comparing it to other things. I swatched it next to the Sugar Glow Kit and found the shade Butterscotch to be super similar to the Amrezy highlighter but truthfully, last time I bought a glow kit from Anastasia I only used it for a few months before I tucked away and forgot about it. If I pull that one out again and reach for it over the summer maybe I can justify buying a second one! 

I love the Amrezy highlighter and I think she nailed it with this one. 

“I live for the perfect glow. It’s a constant focus in my makeup routine. I’m always looking for the most luminous glow with a natural, second skin finish. This collaboration with ABH brings my highlighter dreams to life, and I’m so happy to share this ‘sun in a compact’ with my Rezy riders.”  —Amrezy, Beauty Influencer

Is this something you’d splurge on? I’d love to know if you’ve tried it yet! What did you think?

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