The Most Helpful Blog Posts of 2019

This blog has been on a journey since the beginning that has felt like a winding path of focus over the span of many years. I used to blog about beauty only, and now I write about everything I love: beauty, my debt journey, easy recipes, self love, and more. Every year I write as much useful content in these areas as I can think of. And every year I like to reflect on what I wrote and what was the best and most popular bunch of posts. I use that list to guide what I write in the new year.

Today I’m going to share five of my most popular posts from 2019, and update you on the status of whether I’m still using, loving, doing, etc… whatever the post is about.

Beauty Hack - DIY Wax Strips

DIY Wax Strips (Beauty Hack)

This has been my most popular post forever. I actually never even touch my brows anymore. They don’t grow! 😂 I still stand by the method if you’re into waxing though. This trick will save you hella $$$ on muslin strips. Do it!

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How I treated my dermatitis without using steroid cream

How I treated my dermatitis without steroid cream

Another super helpful post and I still swear by the salve I discovered when I had this issue. I get comments rolling in on at least a monthly basis telling me how much this post has helped them. That makes my heart happy because the whole point of sharing posts like this is to help other people overcome things I’ve had to figure out. Even if you don’t have dermatitis you should still pick up a tube of this stuff, it’s honestly great for a variety of uses.

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What is the best concealer for 30+ skin?

I used to love trying out new concealers, but few new releases impress me anymore. I really love each of the concealers on this list and still use them all. I would add the Josie Maran concealer to this list, and bareMinerals also came out with a more full coverage concealer since I wrote this post. But all in all…I still love and use each of the choices I wrote about!

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How I grew my hair back post-partum in one month

I had some funky spotty hairline business going on after having babies. Post-partum shedding is sad and really all that will help is giving it some time. But if you want to jump start your hair follicles, I swear this Ayurvedic shampoo (that’s not even intended for hair growth) will totally help. I explain it in the post, but I took before pictures of my hairline to try something else that I immediately realized I couldn’t keep up with and then switched shampoo/conditioner the same day too. Didn’t think it was going to make a difference but WHOA. Pics don’t lie. I haven’t used this stuff since I ran out a year or so ago, but after remembering how much I love it, I put it in my Amazon shopping cart.

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non-toxic dupe for It Cosmetics CC Cream

Non-toxic dupe for It CC Cream

I’m always looking for makeup dupes, even if I don’t plan to eliminate the thing I’m duping from my makeup bag. In this instance, I realized that Osmosis Satin Finish Foundation is very similar in coverage to my favorite CC Cream, but with non-toxic ingredients. Am I still using the Osmosis? No actually. This brand also carried my favorite brow pomade and one day when I went to replenish all the things I love, I realized they no longer carried my brow color online. As I thought my purchase through, I realized it irked me that I was also between two shades of their foundation since the range is so small. I ended up going with something else. At the moment, I am using Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation.

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Did you read any of these posts? Which was useful to you? Let me know in the comments!

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