The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Line- Shower Creams, Scrubs, Beautifying Oil, Body Butters, and Fragrances!

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Brazil Nut The Body Shop products

I am a HUGE fan of The Body Shop, as you have probably gathered from previous posts of mine where I’ve plugged their awesome foot products and their Hemp Hand Protector. So, when the good people at their company sent me the Brazil Nut line I was thrilled to review it here. I have loved everything I tried, and even a few things I didn’t think I’d like surprised me. Read on for the details!
There are so many products, where to start? The shower of course. This line has two shower products including their Brazil Nut shower cream and their Brazil Nut Body Scrub. The whole line has a sweet and nutty scent. It’s almost like an almond sugar cookie or something. Delicious, but not sickly sweet, and not synthetic at all. 

The shower cream is fabulous because it’s soap free for those with sensitive skin, and it still lathers really well. I can easily shave my legs with this even though it’s not super thick like a shaving cream would be. The price is a very reasonable $8. The Brazil Nut body scrub is a little pricier at $20, but feels amazing on my skin. It has little tiny pieces of nut shells in it to remove dead skin cells and improve microcirculation, as well as making the skin feel super soft. 
After toweling off, I wasn’t sure what to try next! I went for the Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil. You can apply this to the body, face, and hair. I am wary about applying oils to my face, because it just doesn’t feel right on my skin. I applied this to my damp skin as directed, and it made my skin so soft and smooth, and not greasy at all. At the time of writing this review, where I applied this oil, my skin is still smooth and supple 10 hours later. That’s pretty fantastic if you ask me! I applied it to my hair and had very low expectations, because I am very picky about what goes in my hair. You can apply it to hair before shampooing for extra nourishment, or apply it on damp hair, or use it to smooth flyaways. I chose to apply it to towel-dried hair. I actually think that it did a superb job making my hair feel soft and manageable, and did at least as good of a job as my super high-end serums. For $14 this isn’t cheap, but there’s always a good deal going on The Body Shop’s products, so you’re sure to find it for less.

Next, I applied the Brazil Nut body butter. This is extremely thick, like any body butter normally is. It goes on very thick you have to spread it but it sinks in rather quickly. I normally find body butters a pain to spread in the summer because they tend to sit on my skin, but this one was a different story. For $20 it’s not cheap, but it does promise 24 hydration. My skin is normally dry, but I have noticed a pretty big difference in the overall texture of my skin even several hours after using this, which is pretty impressive!

Lastly, it’s time to use some fragrance! The Brazil Nut Body Mist comes in a 3.3 oz size, which is pretty huge and runs for $12. The scent is pretty light and fresh, so you’ll need to re spritz several times a day to maintain the scent. I enjoy spraying this right after the body butter has been applied, so it has something to stick to! The Brazil Nut Eau de Toilette contains brazil nut extract, and you can snag a 1 oz size for $14. This little bottle carries a more concentrated scent of the Brazil Nut fragrance and will last longer on the skin.

I normally don’t list all the prices when I’m reviewing something, but I wanted to point out how affordable most of these products are already, and that they’re always running a sale! I don’t subscribe to many newsletters online, but I do subscribe to The Body Shop’s emails, because there is always a deal going on. Just this week, I spent $50 to buy Christmas presents there (they had a clearance going) and my receipt said I saved $198! How is that even possible?!?! (Yes, I know I’m insane for Christmas shopping in June).

If any of these products strike your fancy, keep an eye out, because I’m always seeing things listed at 3 for $30 (when they’re originally around $15-20 a piece), buy one get one, and more. They also tend to have little travel sizes of things that are 3 for $10 or $6 each, which is a great way to find a new favorite.

Yes, I did get these products for the purpose of review, but I’ve been a loyal shopper of The Body Shop for a while, and have before and will continue to buy their products for my personal use regardless of what they send me to review!

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