The best thing I get in the mail every month

As someone who gets mainly junk mail and bills, I live for days when the postman brings me something special and fun to open. Whether it’s Stitchfix, or another eagerly anticipated package, I love opening something that’s not going straight into the recycling bin! My favorite thing I get in the mail every month? By far, it’s my Skylar Scent Club subscription.

I’ve written about Magic Bloom (which was one of my favorite scents I’ve gotten so far) and this month’s scent, Fresh Vibes, was just so good it needed to be a blog post! So how does this work? I’m a member of the first ever Clean Scent Club. It’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long, for as long as I subscribe. In the spirit of treating myself to something I’ll actually use, I’ve been doing this for several months.

Each scent is hypoallergenic, made without synthetic dyes, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. And not only are they healthier than traditional fragrance, but they come in a roller ball. I don’t need (or want) a huge bottle of fragrance, especially since I like to wear different fragrances all the time, and I don’t want anything to spoil. I also prefer the smaller sizes for travel.

Once a month, my mail day is a little brighter when my Skylar Scent Club fragrance arrives. If you’re into clean fragrance, I highly suggest trying this out.

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