The Best Shower Caddy EVER

It’s a weird thing to passionate about, but I’m obsessed with my shower caddy. I recently decided I really wanted to up my shower storage game. Our master bathroom shower has seats and plenty of places to set things, and I’ve absolutely hoarded beauty products for my shower as a result. As much as I love to have an array of shampoo and beauty supplies in my shower, it is really annoying to reach for something and cause an avalanche to fall as a result. We also keep a soap bar in the shower that has gotten really scummy and gross sitting on the ledge. So…one day I went shopping for a shower caddy and found THE ONE. Naturally, I wanted to share the best shower caddy ever!

You should know the best shower caddy ever costs $70. 😳

I searched high and low for something that would work well for our family and had no idea that there were so many options at so many price points. What I was really looking for was something that would be practical for my needs. And though this is on the pricy side for an organizer, for sure, it is worth every penny since it suits our every need and it’s sturdy enough to last a long time.

  • stores tons of beauty products
  • has adjustable shelving
  • has a place to put a soap bar
  • has a place to hang loofahs and razors
  • is easy to hang or install

I am in love with this shower caddy. I was so surprised how easy it was to install. The top piece that fits around the shower head is adjustable and screws into place. It also suctions to the shower for a little extra stability. If I wanted to make this even longer I could because everything moves around. I just adjusted it so it would fit the beauty products I had that I needed to store!

If you’ve never had anything by Simple Human, they sell lots of great products that help with home organization. Now that I have my shower in working order, I want to move on to another space and spiff it up!

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What is one home organizing solution you could not live without? Share with me in the comments below!

Buy the best shower caddy ever HERE

*I bought this myself, affiliate links in use.

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