The Best Setting Sprays


I’m a creature of habit, and the very last step you’ll always find me taking whenever I do my makeup is using setting spray! There are so many I love, and I grab a different one depending on the weather, where I’m going that day, what type of makeup I’m wearing, etc. 

Maya Water Facial Mist: This is one of my favorite face mists for when my skin needs some extra moisture. I often spray this on my skin at night before bed just for a little extra hydration. I’ve also been known to spray this on my face to give my makeup more of a dewy finish. This is 100% organic and contains no nasty ingredients. It’s also pH neutral which is awesome because it keeps my skin balanced and doesn’t leave it tight and dry. Spa water is the bomb! 

Pixi Glow Mist with Propolis & Argan Oil: I’ve heard this is a dupe for the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t attest to that! I can tell you this is a great mist that ads a luminosity to the skin without being oily and breaking up makeup on your face. I love to spray this on my makeup when I’m done and sometimes I spray some on my beauty blender while I’m blending my makeup as well for a little extra dewiness!

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist: I really like this makeup setting mist on a hot day. It keeps my makeup from moving or melting without making my face tight or dry. It can be used before and after makeup application, or as a refresher any time of day. The price is right and these bottles last a long time! 

Urban Decay Quick Fix and All Nighter: These are a great duo for when you are going to want your makeup to stay put all day in any weather conditions. This would be my very first choice if I knew I had to look good all day because it lasts through everything. 

Yuni Glow Between Jelly Micro Mist: This is a recent favorite of mine that I’m sorry to say isn’t available until August 2018. Keep it on your radar! I love that they use organic ingredients and are fair trade, and that their products are inspired by fitness- they also have shower wipes, muscle recovery gel, and more. This facial mist has fine shimmer that looks amazing over makeup, by itself, or on the body for some glow. The shimmer is noticeable, but flattering. 

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray: I have finally used up an entire bottle of this and dare I say it’s my favorite every day setting spray. It leaves a dewy, glowing sheen behind but my makeup is bulletproof on the days I wear it. I’ll often spray it on my beauty blender so it blends into my foundation application, and then I’ll go back in and set the rest of my makeup with it when I’m done. I love this! 

Coola SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray: I have the hardest time finding natural based sunscreen for my face for summer. This is why I love Coola so much! I’ve gone through a couple spray bottles of this stuff. It has a weightless matte finish, and keeps my makeup in place as well as giving me some of that awesome SPF. It’s the perfect thing to set my makeup with in the summer, and I keep it in my bag to spritz myself time and time again. 

 So do you really need all of these? Of course not! I tend to collect these and rotate through them depending on the time of year and what I need. The Coola one lives in my purse in the summer because it has SPF, the Pixi ones I grab at Target whenever I go because they’re inexpensive and get the job done, I like to wear the Yuni one when I’m going out at night because of the glow shimmer, the UD mists are perfect when I will be out in the heat and need my makeup to wear like iron, the Cover FX is great for every day, and the spa water is perfect if I’m feeling extra dry or sensitive. So, obviously I get use out of each of them, but for different things. If any of those scenarios speak to you, grab up the setting spray you might need!

Do you wear a makeup setting spray? I swear by it! Tell me your favorite in the comments below! 

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  1. 12.22.18
    Gaby said:

    Are any of those settings sprays good for oily skin?

    • 12.29.18
      justina said:

      My current favorite for oily skin would be the Boscia setting spray! I have dry skin and it works well but the charcoal would make it great for oily too!

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