The Best Natural Perfumes

The Best Natural PerfumesI was in hardcore nesting mode the other day and I did something CRAZY that I never thought I’d do. I was knee deep in bags of clothes that I know I’ll never wear again, furniture and decorative items that I couldn’t wait to send off to the donation bin, etc. when I ran across a bin full of perfumes I had set aside after having kids. I’ve always loved perfume but after having my oldest, I set it aside for a while. I was breastfeeding and I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing it for a while. Fast forward a couple years and I’ve gotten back into the swing of wearing it occasionally, but I’ve switched gears with the kind of perfumes that I like. I’m more into natural and organic scents these days. You guys- I donated almost my ENTIRE perfume collection. I think I’ve gone insane.

I had probably 20-30 name brand scents that I just knew I wouldn’t get much wear out of so I wanted them to go to new homes. I am such an occasional wearer of perfume that a single bottle could take me years to go through. I figure since I’ve been in the swing of wearing different types of fragrances lately it’ll probably be a while if ever that I decide to go back to mainstream scents, and by the time I get there, the ones I had would have been old. Fragrance is expensive, I wish it lasted forever! I wanted to share with you some of my recent picks for perfume these days and why I love them! 

Natural Perfumes I Love(1) By Rosie Jane Leila Lou– This is BRJ’s signature scent. I have a little roll-on of this and it’s an essential oil blend of pear, jasmine, and fresh cut grass. It’s a very clean, fresh scent and I would describe it as very sunny. It is very much a spring/summer fragrance to me because it’s so crisp and cheerful. I don’t know that this brand is “all natural” per se but they use a lot of natural fragrance oils and essential oils and they are likely more natural than many brands out there! 

(2) Young Living Lavender + Orange– A couple months ago I was having some issues with an irregular heartbeat and my OB was slightly concerned. I was put on a heart monitor for a couple weeks but at the time my life was so stressful I couldn’t chill out. I love using essential oils as a way of managing stress a little bit and was looking up some relaxing blends and stumbled upon the Lavender and Orange combination. I popped a roller ball on each of the bottles and lo and behold they actually smell fantastic together. I expected the combo to smell tolerable at best but was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to keep reapplying. If you’re interested in learning more about signing up for a membership like I have, click here. I signed up to get 24% off of the oils I buy, and in the last few months YL has started a Vitality line, all 5 ml bottles and all for less money. If you were a member, you could get Orange for $6 and Lavender for $11.75. Not too shabby and they’re concentrated so they last forever! Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Perfume, Pour Le Monde Together Perfume, Leila Lou By Rosie Jane, Young Living Orange and Lavender(3) Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Perfume– In the last year I’ve probably worn this scent more than any other. The scent is described as layers of rose, orange blossoms, patchouli, vetiver and ylang-ylang with lingering hints of cumin and clove from the spice market. To be honest, based on the description alone I would’ve expected this to be super floral but it’s not at ALL to me. I’m getting a really fresh, earthy, warm vibe from this. The scent is herbal like you’d gather from the description of a spice market, but not heavy at all or offensively strong to the nose. It’s literally SO fresh that I want to keep rolling it on and never stop. It’s also made from 100% steam distilled essential oils. I’m obsessed with the brand KGB, I have tried a few of their other products in the past, and the next thing on my list from them is the Essaouira Perfume Oil

Pour Le Monde Together Perfume(5) Pour Le Monde Together– I’ve been getting plenty of mileage out of this fragrance and it’s probably one of the most beautiful ones I own. It’s easy to find a fresh and earthy smelling natural scent but it’s not so easy to find something with vanilla notes that smells pleasant. I’ll admit the first few times I wore this I wasn’t so sure- it takes a moment for the dry down to happen but when it does it’s so worth the wait. This is a fragrance has base notes of Madagascar vanilla and woods, the middle notes are floral, and the top notes are fruity. It’s super complex but what I’m really picking up is the creamy woodsy vanilla. This could easily become a signature scent and I’ve used quite a bit of it since I’ve had it in my possession. It’s 100% certified natural and there’s not a synthetic note about it. It’s just really good stuff and totally addictive and it not only works well with my body chemistry but it has decent lasting power on me as well! 

In no way do I think I’ll ever go all natural, but it’s so fun to dabble in different beauty products that I’ve enjoyed exploring natural fragrances. I did keep a few that aren’t natural and wear them as well (I can’t quit you L’Occitane) but these have been frequent in my rotation enough that I felt comfortable getting rid of most of whatever else I had. It feels SO GOOD to declutter. 

Have you tried natural fragrances? Do you have any favorites? I’m always looking for a new scent to love!

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  1. 6.23.16
    Allison said:

    I like to wear perfume oils because they last longer on me. You’ve given me a bunch to check out!

  2. 6.23.16

    Together sounds like something I would like.

  3. 6.23.16
    Phyrra said:

    Thanks for sharing. I typically wear indie perfumes these days.

  4. 6.23.16
    MarciaF said:

    It’s so interesting to read why people pick the fragrances they do. I think an oil would work for me since I could pick ones I love like the orange.

  5. 6.27.16

    I prefer perfume oils, but my work recently enforced a no fragrance policy so a lot of my fragrances have been collecting dust 🙁

  6. 6.27.16
    Anastasia said:

    I really like my LURK natural fragrance oils, but before I owned any sometimes I’d wear plain vanilla extract as perfume 🙂 people were always surprised when I told them they can buy my fragrance at a grocery store haha!

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