The best lipstick (for people who hate lipstick)

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You’ve got people who hoard lipstick and then you’ve got people who can’t stand the stuff. Lipstick to me is a makeup bag essential, because it takes one quick swipe to transform my face for the day. To this mom of three, that’s just what I need rather than slaving over my makeup look. People who hate lipstick typically complain that it’s uncomfortable: too fussy, too drying, too sticky, to hard to stay in the lines, etc. How about a lipstick that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, comes with an easy to apply wand, a variety of colors, and is totally nonfussy? Recently, I discovered the best lipstick for people who hate lipstick, made by one of my favorite non-toxic brands!

The best lipstick for people who hate lipstick. (Osmosis Lip Intensive)

The Osmosis Lip Intensives have been my favorite lipstick of late, and I think they’re PERFECT for anyone, but especially those who just can’t stand the sensation of lipstick. The most perfect lipstick on the planet would come in flattering, rich shades of every variety to reflect my mood, apply beautifully straight from the applicator, need minimal touchups, and be something I want to tote around in my purse. You know what I mean…when you find your lipstick BFF and you don’t ever want to put it down, it always ends up in your purse. Want to know my favorite beauty products of my life? Just come peek in my purse. LOL ?

Osmosis is one of my favorite brands to order from because their products perform, and their formulas are clean. If I’m dropping major cash, I want a non-toxic formula. I’m pretty 80/20 with green beauty, BUT whatever’s on my lips I’m more or less eating it during the day. For this reason I really appreciate brands like Bite Beauty, Kosas, Osmosis, etc. who are really the leaders in clean lipsticks. They work just as well or better than anything you’d find at Sephora and I can feel good about wearing them.

Pro tip? You can also use the Osmosis Lip Intensives as a cream blush. Lightly sweep a small amount onto the cheeks and blend it out with a brush for a creamy, ethereal flush. I have been traveling a lot by plane this year and have been whittling down my must have beauty bag for travel, so shortcuts like this one are much appreciated by me!

L-R: Kiss Me, Spoil Me, Find Me, Love Me, Have Me, Desire Me

What’s your “purse lipstick?” Give Osmosis Lip Intensives a try. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

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