The best leggings money can buy (& they help Ugandan women go to university!)

A peek at my favorite ever high-waisted, opaque leggings that tick every box for me as a tall girl who loves eco-fashion!

I have been hardcore crushing on Sseko, a brand that employs Ugandan women. They’re making huge waves in the world of eco-fashion as well as stealing my heart for what they do for girls. I bought my favorite purse from them not long ago, and I reluctantly decided to to check out their leggings that came out with the Fall 2019 catalog. To say I was hesitant to order these is a massive understatement because I am obsessed with leggings, but I’m 5’11”, need a super long inseam, and like something with a compression waist. I figured I would probably hate these and send them back, but I surprised myself when they became my favorite leggings I own.

What I love about Sseko’s leggings

They are high-waisted which is an absolute necessity for me. After having three kids, I love anything that feels like it sucks me in. Sseko’s leggings are 95% nylon and 5% spandex so they have some stretch but they’re not getting stretched out and sloppy as the day goes on. I usually wear them a few times before washing them, and I also love that they are machine washable. They are comfy and cute AND (surprisingly) long enough for me! Also important, they are thick and completely opaque. Whether you want to wear these for a casual athleisure look with a t-shirt or pair them with a tunic to get fancy, they’ll adapt to whatever your outfit needs are. LOVE them so much!

These come in a variety of sizes and I’ve found they run very true to size.

  • Size S: Fits Approx US Size 2-4
  • Size M: Fits Approx US Size 6-8
  • Size L: Fits Approx US Size 10-12
  • Size XL: Fits Approx US Size 14-16
  • Size XXL: Fits Approxe US Size 18-20

Most of Sseko’s wares are manufactured in Uganda, but for the leggings, Sseko has partnered with a factory in India. How it’s made matters to me, and I love that the women working in this factory are provided with a fair salary, retirement pension, medical insurance, 21 days annual paid leave and ex-gratia payment (bonus) once a year. They provide full-time employment to 15 people.

If you really start to dig deep into how things are made, it’s very upsetting. Many places that mass produce fast fashion items are employing children, overworking their employees, not paying them a living wage, etc. I’ve become really interested in ditching fast fashion and only expanding my closet with clothing items from companies that are fair trade. I’ll share more of my journey soon! ♡

Check out these Sseko Leggings HERE.

Share your favorite leggings with me in the comments below and let me know if you’re going to check these ones out! AND, send me an email if you want a free shipping code!

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