Tati Beauty’s Blendiful Review

Tati is a Youtube star that I have been following for years. I discovered her during a late night nursing session with my youngest daughter, who is now three. I binge watched her channel so many times in the late night and early morning hours, and though I’m not nursing anymore, I still follow her occasionally. I love that she is glam and has so many great makeup tips and product recommendations. I skipped her Halo Beauty vitamins, haven’t gotten the Textured Neutrals palette yet, but when I saw the Blendiful I knew the time and price tag were both right to support Tati Beauty.

Blendiful Review

I’m the first to admit I rush through my makeup application. The first tip any makeup professional would give me is SLOW DOWN. I’m a mom on the move and I realistically have 5-10 minutes to do makeup. Unless I’m going to a special event I really don’t spend much time and I move fast. Currently I use L’BRI’s makeup sponge, which is a beauty blender knockoff that is cheaper and squishier and a little nicer than the OG. But given that the Blendiful was only $18 to get a regular and a baby size I really wanted to try it out and see if I would be a convert. I love the idea that I could apply all my products with just this one applicator.

The Blendiful is the makeup applicator you didn’t know you needed. This game changing soft textured fabric tool is a blending dream that’s designed to seamlessly apply & soften both liquid and powder products. The rounded edge & pointed tip help to provide a perfect blend step to step in your makeup application.  Buff in foundation with little product waste, experience seamless contour, smoother concealer & the most airbrushed powder application… even in those hard to reach areas of the face. Save product, save time & become the expert artist of your own unique routine. However you choose to use the Blendiful, your look will be one with no harsh lines every time.

Using the Blendiful in natural light with my iPhone 11 Max on selfie mode.

I have hope for my ability to use this better with practice. I love that there are both rounded and pointy edges. I was able to apply my foundation easily by patting it on. I had to remind myself not to drag it so I would have an even application and not streaks. I used the pointiest edge for foundation and it was able to work in the nooks and crannies of my face with ease. Next I went for the powder with one round edge and blush with the other. I found it to be fluffy, soft, and easy to use. I liked the way everything applied.

I think as with any new beauty tool you want to try, it’s going to be hard to get the hang of it. I definitely don’t think my makeup looked perfect after using this, but I have hope for the future. I don’t think my makeup was well blended on the first day of using it, but I think if I keep giving this a try it could have a chance to work great.

What I don’t like? I don’t like that unlike the beauty blender and my makeup brushes, which are all separate and not multi-use, I will have to wash this pretty much any time I want to use it. I also think the bigger Blendiful is big enough that it’s clumsy and awkward for me to use, at least at the moment. I’ll keep trying it! Practice makes perfect.

Whether I end up figuring it out and loving it, or it ends up being a fail for me, I like supporting a fellow creative online. I love watching Tati’s videos so I’m sure I’ll get more opportunities to see her using it in the future, and get some tips and tricks.

Have you bought this? Are you going to? Let me know in a comment what you think!

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