Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes Palette Review & Dupes

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Tarte’s summer releases are always beautiful, so when I saw the new High Tides and Good Vibes palette was out, I knew I wanted to grab it! Last summer I grabbed the Be a Mermaid and Make Waves palette which I loved and used all the time. I know this year’s purchase will get a lot of mileage too. Whenever there are shimmery and gorgeous shadows living amongst wearable mattes, I’m here for it.

Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes Palette Review

Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes palette review and dupes

The first thing I’m always attracted to is interesting packaging. Gets me every time! I love how Tarte always nails it with theirs. Check out the packaging for this palette; there is flowing water and you can play with it. I mean, how can you not think that’s cool. I think it’s super fun!

So what’s inside? Eight powder eyeshadows and four high-impact, glitter-gel toppers. The matte and luster shades are buttery and remind me exactly of the other shadows in Tarte palettes; they are some of my favorites because they’re long wearing and don’t irritate my eyes. The four high-impact, gel-glitter topper shades can be worn alone or over shadow.

  • This Palette Contains:
  • ?Buried Gold (champagne shimmer)
  • ?Beach Therapy (matte tan)
  • ?Aloha, Beaches (matte cinnamon)
  • ?Galapagos (brown shimmer
  • ?South Beach (matte melon)
  • ?Surf’s Up (matte aqua)
  • ? Dive In (deep teal shimmer)
  • ? Deep Blue (cobalt shimmer)
  • ?Beach Daze (pink glitter)
  • ? Champagne Beach (gold glitter)
  • ? Aquaholic (teal glitter)
  • ? Turtlette (silver glitter)
Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes Palette Review & Dupes

When you open the palette, there are so many fun groupings of color! The left hand corner is pretty representative of my every day makeup looks. I like to stick to a fairly neutral palette. Shimmering bronze, champagne, peachy coral, and a light neutral brown. Pretty much everything I need and could want to create some interesting eyeshadow looks!

If you’re most interested in the glitters, make sure you apply with your fingers and use a primer for your whole eyeshadow look! I’m guilty of not always bothering to use primer with Tarte’s eyeshadows because the amazonian clay helps them to stick to my lids. But you really need something more here. I’ve been using this SPF primer both on my under-eyes and as an eyeshadow primer lately with GREAT success, and I also used it with this look. I pressed the glitter gels on with my finger and set with a makeup setting spray after. If I was anticipating a long day of wearing these, I’d probably use a glitter glue primer. Overall, these eyeshadows held up really well all day with minimal flaking.

In this picture, you can’t see the shadows as well as I would’ve liked but man are they vibrant! I used Beach Therapy and Galapagos in my crease and outer crease and a combo of Champagne Beach and Aquaholic on my lid for that crazy glitter. I couldn’t pick them up on camera as well as I wished I could so here’s what just the glitter shades look like.

Looking for dupes for the Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes Palette?

If you are trying to find something like the High Tides and Good Vibes palette, chances are good you just want the glittery shades! And I don’t blame you…they’re so pretty. Here are some other options you might already have in your stash. They may not be exact dupes but they’re worth digging for before buying a new palette.

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