Supporting our Troops with Nestle Coffee Mate

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supporting our troops with nestle coffee mateFor the last few weeks I’ve been having to get up WAY earlier than what I’m used to. My husband and I were sharing a vehicle for a few weeks in the interim before we bought our new (used) Honda Odyssey van. I am in love with our new vehicle, but also appreciate that I no longer have to wake up when Mike does. Driving him to work meant I had to be up and out the door by 7 am. I really love my sleep in the morning, and even with a toddler to tend to, I try my darndest to sleep in until 8 am. Although I get to sleep in a little later these days, one thing I will miss about waking up with my husband is our coffee moments in the morning. In my house, we all know I won’t even get out of bed until my coffee has been brewed and is waiting for me!

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I’ve mentioned it here before, but my husband is a veteran of the army. We are proud to be Americans and this time of the year especially we are reminded of that over and over again. Memorial Day was a couple weeks ago, and Independence Day is fast approaching. These are meaningful holidays for us and it’s important to us to pass along what they mean to us and to our daughters. Jocelyn learned how to be respectful to our military and our country during the Memorial Day parade by standing every time the flag came by. We are always sure to thank members of the military for their service when we get the chance. We also buy American whenever we can (except for our new van- but hey, we do pretty well otherwise!)

The most recent way we’ve shown our American pride is by buying Coffee-mate coffee creamer. Coffee-mate has decorated their French Vanilla and Hazelnut liquid creamer bottles and their Original powder creamer in patriotic stars and stripes, only available at Walmart from Memorial Day through Independence Day while supplies last. Besides looking more festive than the regular design, I think they’re delicious! You can check out more from Nestle here and here.

his and hers mugsMy coffee is on the left, and his is on the right. He made the mug on the right for me, and now he steals it every morning because it’s the biggest one in the house! Also, this picture is foggy- like my brain before coffee in the morning!

We won’t take our coffee without creamer, and the Hazelnut has been our drink of choice around our house in the morning! And did I mention they’re also donating to Operation Homefront? This organization helps provide assistance to wounded military members and their families. Learn more about the partnership here. Sharing coffee moments every morning with my own veteran is something I could get used to. Losing that extra hour of sleep in the morning is worth it to get in a few extra minutes of time with my husband and enjoy a hazelnut coffee together.

I think with summer and the humidity finally here, I may see how Coffee-mate does with an iced coffee. I bet it’s just as tasty!

Do you share a coffee moment with anyone in the morning? 

nestle coffee creamer

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  1. 6.16.14

    I cannot have coffee without creamer too…. like a lot of it! Hazelnut is one of my favorite flavors too! I think it’s a great idea to try it out with cold coffee : )

  2. 6.16.14
    Ange said:

    LOVE me some coffee mate!

  3. 6.16.14
    Alison Steward said:

    I love Hazlenut creamer in my coffee too and I’m a huge fan of CoffeeMate. My hubby is a veteran too so any brand or company that supports the vets is okay in my book!

  4. 6.18.14
    Shelley Polarbelle said:

    I’m so glad you told us about this. I wouldn’t have known to look for it otherwise.

  5. 6.24.14
    Samantha K said:

    I need my coffee in the morning, too! The Coffee-mate Hazelnut creamer is definitely delicious! #client

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