Super Fresh, Beachy, and Floral Summer Fragrances 2013

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Summer Fragrance

1) The best way to make scents new and your own is to layer them! Zents does a fantastic job offering several scents like Pear, Oolong, and Petal that smell equally wonderful on their own as combined. I can’t get enough of the fragrance layering options they give. Lately, I’ve been bathing with their Pear body wash, using their Oolong body lotion, and spraying the Petal body oil on afterwards. My skin smells divine and there are limitless options for scents.
The best way to start with this line is with their fragrance sampler. This way, I was able to sample each of their scents and determine which was best for me. The story behind the scents is unique. The founder drew upon years of personal experiences with scent sensitivity and anything that gave him a reaction didn’t make it into the line. I will be doing a more in depth review on these fragrances soon, but wanted to mention in advance how special they are!
2) The Venice Dolce Berry Collection from Bath & Body Works is one of the best scents I have smelled in a long time, and absolutely perfect for summer. It’s fruity and soft and sweet and lush and light all at the same time. My spray bottle is going to be gone in no time! Add to that awesomeness that almost every mall has one of these stores, that you can get a travel size for $6, and that the bottle is super cute. Win!
Top Notes: Pink Plumberry, Apple Blossom, White Iris
Mid Notes: Venetian Raspberry, Red Apricot, Frosted Magnolia
Dry Notes: Blackberry Musk, Sandalwood Sugar, Vanilla Biscotti

3) Bath Bar has some truly wonderful fragrances, one being the scent Zen Milk.  
A musky scent with rich deep notes, a hint of floral, vanilla, and sugar, that seduces the senses of men and women alike. This scent reminds me of a cake or Victoria’s Secret! It is so decadent and amazing, rich and warm, soft and enveloping. Those are the best ways I can think to describe it! The scent itself is in a small 1/3 oz. roll on applicator, which is perfectly purse sized for on the go. The high grade and pure essential oils last on the skin for hours. Bath Bar has a huge celebrity following as well, which doesn’t really matter, because I love it anyways, but ya know…good enough for Rachel Bilson, good enough for me 🙂 My Zen Milk rollerball is currently parked on my nightstand, where I apply it before bed for sweet dreams.
4) I wandered into The Body Shop a while back and scored one of these little spray bottles of Shea body spray for $6. I thought the deal was outstanding and the scent is unmatched. It’s like a vanilla, only better, nuttier. I just love that it’s tiny enough for my purse or travel, and cheap enough that if I misplace it or use it all up that I can repurchase without thinking twice. When I was in ULTA the other day, I noticed they had a scent called Moringa and of course I smelled and loved that too. Looking on their site today, I see they’re coming out with more products that could get me in trouble, including a hair, body, and facial oil in my beloved scent. 
5) I started freelancing for Clinique a couple times a month as a fun little side job. One of the requirements is that if I wear a fragrance while I work, it needs to be by Clinique. My mom used to gift me her free samples of Clinique Happy from the GWP’s forever ago. I used to hoard those little things everywhere in middle school, and that was my signature scent for the longest time. Consequently, I hate it now. What I do love is the fresher, more floral, lighter, less sweet version- Clinique Happy in Bloom. If I’m not mistaken Happy in Bloom is comprised of half Clinique Happy and half Clinique Happy Heart. I love that it’s a floral that doesn’t turn to yuck on my skin (like most florals tend to). It is a perfect summer scent! Although I only work 1-2 times a month, I’ve been wearing this almost daily.
6) Another awesome and addicting scent by The Bath Bar is Bon Bini
Nourishing vitamins enrich this oil-free spray that works two ways to revitalize by promoting softness and elasticity. Sodium PCA, the body’s own Natural Moisturizing Factor, encourages essential moisture retention. Anti-oxidants White Tea, Pomegranate and Grapeseed promote a youthful glow. Perfect as a perk-up after bathing, during or after exercise, or anytime you want to refresh.
This spray is one of the most addicting sprays I’ve come across! I wish every spray made my skin actually feel different like this one does. Most body sprays are meant for scent and that’s it. This spray makes my skin softer! I love to apply this right after my shower when my skin is still slightly damp. It smells SO good, that you can’t even really describe what it is. Immediately upon spraying it, it was one of those experiences where you price check the item ($22.50) and think, “yep, Christmas for all the girls I know.” It definitely makes my skin look more glowy and fabulous, and it makes me smell wonderful. I plan to throw this in my gym bag once I start going- just got my membership- and it will be the perfect after workout refreshment for my body!
So…as of right now, these are the fragrances on circulation in my house! What have YOU been addicted to? I would love to know about any fragrances out there that are to die for, new or old! 

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  1. 5.20.13

    Wow I had NO idea that Body Shop were doing a Shea Butter Spray! I love that scent, I have the body butter and it’s great. Do you know if there are any other scents? I’d love a strawberry one! | Beauty, Lifestyle & UK Blog

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