Super Easy Messy Pony

Super Easy Pony: Giddy-up 
Here is a super easy way to dress up a simple pony tail. 

1. Take a section of hair from the front and separate it into 2 sections. Twist these sections together and pin the end with a bobby pin behind your ear. 

2. Secure your hair into a low pony tail at the base of your neck. Tie the hair tie very loosely and shake or pull out some strands and then add some bobby pins in where needed. 

3. Apply a decorative hair piece of your choice on one side of your hair near where the pony tail holder would be. 

And thats it! You have a super easy messy pony tail. If you don’t have curly hair and want to duplicate this look, I would suggest using a small and medium barrel curling iron. I would switch off using the medium and small one so you have different sized curls. You also want to switch off which way you curl them. You want this to be a loose natural look so use your fingers to work through the curls to messy them up a bit. 
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