Spring & Summer Skincare Guide 2013

In need of a skincare switch up for Spring/Summer? I’ve compiled a list of my favorites for varying needs. Check ’em out and let me know if you’ve tried any in the comments below!

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If you’re starting to worry about aging…

mybody is a brand that has some amazing options for your face skin and your body skin! These products smell faintly like rose, which doesn’t bother me at all. I love the way the eye cream feels- almost like a serum. The night cream makes my skin feel so soft and goes on pretty light, rather than a thick cream. I’ve really been enjoying this duo lately and it’s perfect for my skincare needs, which I consider to be preventing wrinkles and keeping the eye area soft and hydrated.

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For the active woman…


I tested the skin purifier and the nourishing moisturizer out this winter while visiting Wisconsin. It was like the Arctic when I visited, which I thought would be the perfect time and place to test out the products, since this line is meant for an active person who regularly braves the elements. The skin purifier is like a watered down serum. It adds moisture but doesn’t really remain on the skin if that makes sense- it dries and you don’t notice it again. The moisturizer did seem to really improve the texture of my skin and make it feel healthy against the harsh winter wind. I imagine people who are always outdoors hiking, camping, and the like will find these products wonderful for their activities. There are other great options in this line like sunscreen, and their products are fragrance and paraben free. At 1 oz. each, I think they’re great for travel!

If you’re pregnant…

pregnancy skincare

I’m NOT pregnant!

But I was last summer, and these are a couple things I am SO wishing I had around when I was pregnant. If you are expecting you NEED a Clarisonic. My skin was all over the map when I was pregnant and I remember thinking I just needed to switch out my toner or something because my skin was so imbalanced. I wish I had a Clarisonic back then because my skin hasn’t really flared up since starting to use this bad boy and my face has never felt cleaner or softer. Clean Slate by Mama Mio is a great cleanser that is meant for preggo’s (or anyone else) and is free of nasties. Really, pregnant or not, it’s good to steer clear of ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. This has tea tree oil in it and I can smell it a bit in the cleanser. It works great with the Clarisonic so I recommend using them together. Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate has been my HG (holy grail) facial exfoliator since I discovered it. The fruit enzymes are WAY awesome at tackling acne and making my skin look and feel better. I’m not sure if the ingredients are quite recommended for a pregnant lady so ask your doctor first. Lastly, L’occitane’s Immortelle Precious Cream is a wonderful and very simple moisturizer that I have been getting a lot of mileage out of lately. I find that it is airy and light on my skin and I love the faint scent of rosewater. It’s no nonsense and it doesn’t leave me greasy. I can apply makeup right after putting this on because there is no drying time. Love it! These would be my go-to products if I was pregnant this summer.

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If you are looking for high end skincare…

high end luxury skincare

If you’re into high end skincare, Erno Laszlo should be your one stop shop. I found the Firmarine facial soap to be my favorite product of their line- surprisingly. Normally I hate bar soap because it gets a scummy buildup on it that needs to be sloughed off, and is gross and wasteful. I left this bar on my sink and it didn’t even get a buildup- remarkable! This soap is a bit more expensive, but you can really feel it plumping out your fine lines after you wash your face, the secret being the water activated Spirulina Maxima which is designed to release in phases to encourage collagen growth in the skin. The Hydra-Therapy and the Transphuse are both excellent serums as well and feel light on the skin so would be great for your regimens as the weather gets a little warmer. Both carried a bit of a scent that may bother people with a more sensitive sniffer. I found it to be perfect for my dry/combination skin type. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious and spa-like, these are the ticket this season.

Hope this helped you out! I think I’ve covered just about every skincare category there is. What’s your go to regimen for the change in season?

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