Soap & Glory Good, Butter, Best Gift Set

I’m a sucker for cute packaging, which is why I so distinctly remember swooping on Soap & Glory when it hit Target Stores about 10 years ago. I used and LOVED their body wash when I was living in the college dorms, but then it disappeared from the shelves (at least at my Target, maybe not at all Targets). I was super bummed because I had become addicted to the fresh, clean scent, adorbs packaging, and everything about their products.
I was so thrilled when a couple years ago I noticed they were at Sephora! I have a special place in my heart for this brand so I was so happy to review Good, Butter, Best…their holiday gift set this year! 
This gift set features three mini bestselling body butters from Soap & Glory:

The Righteous Butter– notes of bergamot, rose, and peach

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream– freshly squeezed sweet lime

Butter Yourself– yuzu fruit and fig 

I am finding myself using the minimal amount of these body butters because I want them to last forever! These feel the absolute best on my skin when they are applied directly after a shower on damp skin, although I will take them any time any place on my skin because they are so amazing.

Butter Yourself is the thickest of the three body butters, and the scent is probably the most muted in this body butter. It smells fresh and clean and non obtrusive. It’s definitely fruity but not in yo’ face. 
Sugar Crush is the lightest textured of the three, with a very light formula that sinks immediately into the skin upon contact. It is so soft and super fruity. The freshly squeezed lime smell is so good and I smell it immediately upon applying this butter, although it fades in a few minutes. This is pretty highly fragranced, so if you don’t like scents that have the potential to knock you over, you might not like this. I love it though!
The Righteous Butter has a texture somewhere in between Sugar Crush and Butter Yourself. The scent is so pleasant, and is pretty mild. It’s fresh, clean, and slightly fruity. This is probably my favorite for every day!
I’m absolutely loving Good, Butter, Best this season. I love that they’re mine! I had two sets, and when my mom was in town visiting, she gladly took a set off my hands. We were applying body butter together in my beauty hallway, and when she noticed two sets, she immediately claimed one of them as her own. So yes, this would make a fantastic gift! Or two or three gifts too if you want to keep one and share the other with friends!
Will you be picking one of these up? 

*This was provided as a press sample for review.

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