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A couple weeks ago a good friend of mine brought me flowers and I got the Smashbox Double Exposure palette in the same week! I thought it was appropriate to combine them into the same post together. All the pretty things in one place!

smashbox double exposure palette 2This is an absolutely gorgeous palette from the packaging to the actual shadows inside. I love the paint brush effect to the packaging. It’s fun and pretty and gets me excited for what’s inside.

smashbox double exposure palette 3This is such a lovely palette through and through. Like the Full Exposure palette, there are several shimmery and several matte shades. I love that in this palette, we get a silver, some neutrals, and some lovely rose golds and purples. I’m also digging that they remembered to include a matte cream, deep brown, and black shade in the mix since I reach for those regularly. I typically go with a naturally pretty look, but I could get a dramatic smoky eye out of these as well! The only thing I find it lacking is super bright shades but I don’t wear those on a regular enough basis that I’m sad if they’re not in a palette. 

smashbox double exposure palette 5L-R (top row): Silver, Mauve, Peony, Blanc, Quartz, Flushed, Veiled; L-R (bottom row): Midnight, Temper, Haze, Noir, Copper, Fig, Espresso

The formula of these pretty shadows is awesome. I don’t find them to be overly powdery, and they have no real fallout. They’re also meant to be shades that will transform when “activated” with water. Wet/dry eyeshadows are nothing new to the makeup world. Adding a bit of water to the formula amps up the vibrancy, makes the shade deeper, turns it metallic or does something to mix it up a bit. So we have 14 shadows here, but really with a little “activation” we have 28 types of shadow to work with. If you buy this at the store, you’ll also get a little insert with how-to’s for various application methods and a mini of the Full Exposure mascara. 

smashbox double exposure palette 6The brushes that come in so many of these palettes are worthless, but I really am enjoying this one! It is dual sided, and each side works for a different cause. The domed side is meant for applying with water and grabs just the right amount to change the formula from dry to wet and vibrant. The angled side creates a precise line when wet and a diffused line when dry. I personally wear shadows dry most of the time, but when I wear them wet, I like to dip my brush in the formula first, then wet the brush. You could also wet the brush first if you wanted to, but I thought I would just tell you how I liked to do it! 

smashbox double exposure and full exposure comparisonThe two palettes I have from Smashbox are above- the top one is Double Exposure and the bottom one is Full Exposure. I reviewed Full Exposure here. Since having reviewed the Full Exposure, I’ve gotten some mileage out of the shimmery shadows in that palette. I really like the texture of all the Smashbox shadows and their ability to make a shimmer shadow that’s not overly glittery. The shade range and the mix of mattes and shimmers of the Double Exposure reminds me a lot of the original LORAC Pro palette, except less buttery and with less fallout! 

Below I’m wearing a few shades from the Double Exposure palette, including Quartz over the whole lid, and Fig in the crease. I’m loving Quartz’s rose gold type shimmer. It’s so pretty on! smashbox double exposure on eyessmashbox double exposure on eyes 2 Have you seen this palette around? Would you spring for it? 

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  1. 3.3.15
    Meg O. said:

    Gorgeous! I really want to get my hands on this!

  2. 3.3.15
    Destany said:

    Love the shades in this palette. Very versatile.

  3. 3.3.15

    This is my kind of palette! I think I might like this better than the Full Exposure palette! and what a nice friend to bring you flowers!

  4. 3.3.15
    MarciaF said:

    Smashbox makes some fabulous brushes. I have quite a few that I just love. I’ve debated this palette so many times. I bought too much in December though so I haven’t caved on this one …. yet!

  5. 3.3.15

    I have been wondering about double exposure. I have full exposure and while I do like it… I don’t use it as much.

  6. 3.4.15
    Renu said:

    The shades are even prettier than Full Exposure. Love the brush in the palette!

  7. 3.4.15

    This is a beautiful palette, I sooo want to buy. Decisions, decisions….

  8. 3.4.15
    Chrissy said:

    I WANT THIS. lol

  9. 3.4.15
    Brittany said:

    I absolutely don’t need this because I have 500 palettes that look a lot like it but ugh. Your pictures are gorgeous and I’m weak!

  10. 3.4.15
    Anastasia said:

    A girl can never have too many neutral palettes!

  11. 3.4.15
    Eugenia said:

    I really like this palette! I love the colors in it!

  12. 3.4.15
    Erika said:

    Your eye look is lovely.

  13. 3.4.15

    I could use all these shades on a regular basis!

  14. 3.4.15
    Phyrra said:

    Really great looking palette!

  15. 3.4.15
    Jess Scull said:

    Such a gorgeous palette – I need to use it more

  16. 3.4.15

    I’ve been loving this palette- great photos!

  17. 3.4.15

    Well shoot! Your pics have me convinced I need this!

  18. 3.4.15
    Kimberly said:

    There’s a lot going for this palette; the brush, the fab neutral shades!!

  19. 3.4.15

    I’m buying this right now!

  20. 3.4.15
    betzy carmona said:

    I’m in love with the palette

  21. 3.5.15

    This is a beautiful palette, perfect for neutral or smoky days!

  22. 3.5.15
    Natalye said:

    I really want this palette! I just wish it had more midtone shades

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