Smash Box Heat Wave Palette & EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop- Summer Must Have Makeup

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If I don’t have much time to do my makeup, this summer I’ve been reaching for a fantastic palette- my Smashbox Heat Wave! There are ten shades in all, and each is very versatile. The shadows are buttery soft, and some have shimmer. Check out what I pair this palette with below!
Catch all dish- Trellis
Earrings- FUNK
Lip Balm- EOS 
soft matte peach, soft champagne beige, soft matte caramel, golden pink, gold

pink beige with silver flecks, soft pewter gray, soft golden sea blue, shimmering purple taupe, deep golden brown

Most of these colors look fantastic all by themselves for a single wash of color over the lid. For the look above, I applied the soft matte peach shade over my lid, and swiped a mixture of the shimmering purple taupe and the deep golden brown into my crease with a fluffy brush. The possibilities with this palette are endless!

I am loving this little white catch all dish. I keep it on my vanity, and put little trinkets, earrings, and whatever strikes my fancy inside. I think it would also be really cute for my bedside table or end table in the living room. Have you ever been watching tv and decided to lay down, but wanted to take your earrings out? This tray is perfect for times like that! 
The earrings shown here are from a boutique that I love. I love that they are metal, and not just made to look metal. A lot of the on-trend jewelry lately is plastic, which looks junky to me. These make a statement and are perfect for summer. The shade of blue matches just about everything too!

EOS means the Evolution of Smooth! Such a worthy title for such a fantastic balm. I have these little lip balms everywhere in my house. It looks like a little egg to me. There is so much lip balm stuffed in the little sphere, there is no way you’ll ever run out! The yellow color is lemon drop and is also SPF 15. These aren’t very pocket friendly because they’re rather large, but I find that to be a major plus- it’s harder to lose them!
These are just a couple things I’ve been turning to all the time this summer. What’s on your must have list?

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