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I’ve done reviews for ENJOY Haircare in the past, so when they came out with a new skincare line, SKINJOY, I knew I had to get my hands on it. This skincare line is comprised of 4 pieces: a Foaming Scrub, Moisturizing Spray, Rejuvenating Cream, and Face Finisher.
I was skeptical that a company who specializes in hair products would be able to produce a skincare line. It’s kind of like when I was in college and in the market to buy a saxophone, I thought why would I buy a professional saxophone by the brand Yamaha, who also makes snowblowers? What do they know about saxophones? Apparently, a whole lot because I love my saxophone. Anyways, the same is true with ENJOY. They make great haircare, and they really know their skin too. The four products come in either a formulation of normal to oily, or normal to dry. I tested out the normal to dry.
Company info:

Introducing SKINJOY® – the ultimate professional skin care. This unique and revolutionary approach to skin care takes the guesswork out of creating and maintaining great skin. SKINJOY is one of the first and only skin care lines to incorporate pH balanced and stable formulas, which are sulfate and methyl paraben-free. Unique antioxidant blends and innovative lipid barrier systems take SKINJOY to the next level for professional skincare services and offer a perfect retailing option exclusively for salons and spas.

SKINJOY Foaming Scrub – Gently cleans and removes dead skin cells without irritation or drying. This unique sulfate-free exfoliator is prefect for all skin types. Available in a 4 oz / 120ml tube for $17.94 (USD) retail.

My thoughts: I really like this scrub and found it to be non irritating and effective. It really got the junk out of my pores without being too abrasive, which can be a problem with some exfoliators. This is a very high quality scrub! I wouldn’t compare it to the St. Ives scrubs because those are a little more harsh. This did a great job and left my skin soft afterwards.

SKINJOY Moisturizing Spray – Perfect for all skin types, this after cleansing spray-on moisturizer calms, smoothes and refreshes skin. Is excellent after shaving, waxing, showering, or bathing. A 4 oz / 120ml spray bottle is retails for $29.94 (USD).

My thoughts: Although this markets itself as a spray, it comes out like a missile. I don’t think you would want to spray this directly out of the bottle onto your face. I prefer to spray it into my hand and apply to my face that way. I’ve been using this on my face and neck area and it’s been leaving my skin feeling great and moisturized. This is a huge bottle which I appreciate, because then I feel like I can be generous with application rather than trying to stretch it out to last forever. Especially with the Oscar Awards having just passed, it makes me think of the decollate area a lot more- I just read a quote from a makeup artist that worked on the actresses and she said to make sure to moisturize that area so you don’t look dried out. It’s not a good look when you have a great looking complexion on your face, but your skin everywhere else is dried out and old looking. This spray has left me looking and feeling great!

SKINJOY Rejuvenating Cream- Available in formulas for either normal to dry skin or normal to oily skin, this rich cream regenerates and rejuvenates skin. Suggested for daily use, after cleansing apply to face, neck or other problem areas. The 2oz / 60ml size retails for $49.94 (USD)

My thoughts: This is a yellow colored cream that sinks right into the skin. I found it to give my skin a very healthy looking glow upon application. I’ve been putting this on my face and chest and do notice that it makes my skin look more glowy and healthy than normal. I also love the smell! This product is a pleasure to use.

SKINJOY Face Finisher – Gives skin a gorgeous, youthful glow. Use as a final step to seal in the skin’s natural essence, while helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The 2oz / 60ml size retails for $29.94 (USD).

My thoughts: The Face Finisher is a great product that makes my skin feel SO smooth. I love using this to seal in the rest of the skin care I’ve just applied. My skin is so soft and glowy after using this that I just love it! There is really an enormous amount of product in this bottle considering how very little you need. 

As a whole this is a wonderful line. I don’t know why I was so surprised to have loved these products because I love ENJOY hair care. Also, I should mention they have a light scent, but it’s not overwhelming and it smells a lot like ENJOY hair care’s shampoos. All in all, these were awesome to test out and I highly recommend them!

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*Company provided the product for review, but that does change my honest opinion

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