Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Creme Review

Spontaneous Recovery Creme by Tammy Fender
I am finally getting around to reviewing this little jar of wonderful. For those of you who have never tried Tammy Fender products, you are missing out. I have been using this since Christmas and let me tell you, it’s true love.
I don’t like to leave you a full ingredient list/rundown of the products I review here, because linking you to the website where it is for sale has more details. Check that out here.
This is a creme-serum-oil product. I had never heard of such a thing before testing out this product, but the results are truly transformative. It is recommended for the following skin types: dry, dehydrated, damaged, post healing, sensitive, cuprous, redness, mature, and aging. I fall under the dry-dehydrated-sensitive category right now. And let’s face it, aging…I’m not getting any younger.
This smells faintly herbal and applies like a dream. It goes on quite thick and initially looks very oily as it sits on the skin. Within a few minutes it has completely absorbed and my skin feels softer, plumped up, and soothed. In fact, when I was home for Christmas, I didn’t bring lotion for my baby and she had gouged herself in the face. I put just a dab of this on her super red and dry patch of skin, and by the time the product had absorbed, her redness was gone, and the dry patch was completely gone. It was kind of like magic and a little creepy, but quite awesome all at the same time. I truly feel like it helps out your skin and makes some improvements in one application. 
The major selling points for me are its ability to hold in immense amounts of moisture to my skin, its soothing qualities, and the fact that it makes my skin glow to the point of maybe being able to skip foundation if I really wanted to. What’s not so special about it? The price tag runs at $165 for 1.9 oz. Worth it? It depends on how much value you place in your skincare routine. I know some people who spend hundreds on skincare and practically nothing on makeup, and others who wear top of the line makeup but wash it all off with nothing but hot water at the end of the night. I would absolutely try this product again if I could get it an affordable price point. 
This has been kind of a miracle for my skin lately, but I’m interested to see how it applies in the summer when my skin has a little more oil in it. My husband has oily skin and said it was awful on him. My skin tends to suck up any moisture it can get in the winter months so it worked fantastically. Moral of the story? If you have dry skin, I have a feeling you will dig it.
Have you tried Tammy Fender? What do you think of their awesome products?

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