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We are living in the strangest of times right now, being asked to socially isolate for the pandemic. It’s not all bad, as I’m really enjoying the extra time spent with my people, and I’m totally upping my self-care routine too. Given that the times and employment situations for many are super uncertain, I’m trying not to spend too much money treating myself, but a little indulgence here and there has felt so good.

All the things in this post I’ve been loving using lately have been contributing to keeping me sane, relaxed, and at peace. They feel indulgent without the price tag. Most of these items are available on Amazon, with a few exceptions. This is all stuff I’ve bought with my own money.

Books read for pleasure

I keep seeing this meme that says “If you’re not getting xyz done, it was never about having the time, it was about having the discipline.” Ok, so we are living in a pandemic! Unless it truly brings you joy and calms your nerves, this is not the time to write a book, learn a new language, etc. If it helps you, more power to you. If it doesn’t, it’s ok to hunker down and survive. Love your family. Relax and do what you need to do to get through. Do things for pleasure because you love yourself and deserve to be calm and at peace.

One thing I’ve loved doing lately is reading books for pleasure, and not for self improvement. I tend to love reading for self enlightenment, but there’s something really beautiful about reading for an escape. I have mentioned a few times that I am a Book of the Month club member, which I totally recommend, but Amazon has lots of great titles too. On my reading list right now is Jessica Simpson’s memoir, Open Book. For other titles I’ve been enjoying you can read my books tab.

Journal for processing

I’m doing my very best to actually process what’s going on right now as my life is utter chaos. Rather than putting on a front for my kids all day and keeping it together by shoving it down, I’m really trying to do a brain dump of my feelings every couple days. It’s been helping me to write down two columns; one column is things I CAN control, and one column is things I CAN’T control. It’s strangely therapeutic to take it from your brain to paper, and is an emotional release I haven’t felt by just letting my mind wander.

Psychologists call the control/can’t control thing “The Circle of Control” which is totally worth looking into if you feel helpless right now. I noticed a lot of things that aren’t mine to manage right now are connected to things I can manage. For example, I worry I about what will happen with schools long term, and how this will effect our economy. Those aren’t things I have a say over, so I’ll stick to focusing on what’s under my roof instead.

One tip when buying a journal: I like to buy one that is spiral bound or sits completely open. It has to be able to open completely for me to enjoy writing to the fullest. A cheapo Mead will work well!

Facial ice roller

I’m obsessed with the ice roller I bought on Amazon. It comes with two different heads. I like to roll my face for about twenty minutes, which is about how long it takes for the thing to go back to room temperature. It’s soothing and relaxing, and it temporarily takes any swelling out of my face so it even looks a little slimmer. I don’t see any down sides here.

Affirmation cards

I love affirmation cards to remind myself to be positive and to give myself a little pick me up. They’re not like tarot cards, but they are fun to draw anyway. I like to shuffle the deck, choose a card, and then reflect upon the message for the rest of the day. They’re fun and self-esteem boosting. You could even gift them to friends if you send them a card so they have a nice little reminder to put up on the fridge.

Self-love workbook

I’ve been loving this self love book and slowly working my way through every day. There are so many fun exercises to do to recognize your worth, work through internal struggles, and get to know what you value a little bit more. I’ve found this workbook incredibly useful and when I have an aha! moment I like to journal about it to dig in even deeper. This has made a really great substitute for counseling during this time while we are “safe at home.”

Feel-good fragrance

Sol de Janeiro - SOL Cheirosa ’62 Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL

In Brazil, to be cheirosa means to smell beautiful. Cheirosa ’62 is such an enticing, warm, gourmand fragrance. The notes are salted caramel, pistachio, and vanilla. If you enjoy Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream, you will love Cheirosa ’62. This fragrance has brought me so much joy! It reminds me of summer, and I am definitely looking forward to warm weather, and hopefully getting this stay at home order lifted soon.

Pain relief spray

Imagine if Icy Hot and Aspercreme had a baby. This pain relief spray is THAT good. I use it every time I relax. It has natural ingredients like aloe and essential oils. I love how I can reach anywhere with it since it is a spray, and it’s easy to get my back. Alozin Pain Relief is also super cheap, the effects kick in immediately, and last for several hours.

Hand lotion

I love putting on a little bit of lotion to hydrate and soothe my skin. One of my favorites is the Ultra Repair Cream because it has a gentle formula made for sensitive skin.

Whatever is speaking to you, it’s probably worth the splurge right now as long as you can afford it! I know self-care is at the top of my priority list until things are back to normal.

I created a sample “self-care schedule” below. I think it’s important to get in a little movement, an activity just for yourself, and a little reflection/meditation time. It would be fun to make your own too! Whatever speaks to you. Pin it for the future!

Did you see my post on pandemic self-care for kids?

What’s on your self-care shopping list? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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