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As a family who lives on one income, we’re always looking for ways to save on anything and everything. My husband is currently in college as well as working a full time job, so when I was contacted to take part in saving money with the Sprint My Way plan with Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store, it was a natural fit for my lifestyle and my blog. Momma wants to save some money! 

My husband’s phone line is paid for through his job, leaving my phone bill (through Verizon Wireless) at over $145 for just my line! That’s outrageous! What with pricey disconnect and reconnect fees, it would take a pretty stellar deal to get me to switch my phone line, however ridiculous the fee on my current plan is.

Curiosity killed the cat, and it got me wondering just how ridiculous a $145 cell phone bill is for just one person. I went to Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store to see what the trade in value of my (newish) iPhone 5 is, and what kind of deal they could offer me. Luckily for me, we have three local malls, and two of them contain a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store. The mall closest to my home is one of the stores with a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store, and I have experience shopping there. They sold me on the iPhone 5 a few months back, and I’ve purchased a car charger there as well as a Jawbone UP. I’ve always been really pleased with the convenience of the store’s location in the mall as well as their expertise.
Before even leaving the house, I did a little research. I once blindly signed up for AT&T cell service so I could “save money” and it ended badly. I got no reception where I lived, despite the promise of perfect reception everywhere. I wanted to ensure that I got cell service in my current town, and my hometown since those are the places I frequent most often. 
Click a picture below to see if you get reception in your town.

I was pretty pleased that everything was mostly dark green and covered by Sprint. Next stop was Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store. The guy I talked to was so helpful. Despite having just been slammed by the post- Thanksgiving/black Friday holiday rush, he was more than willing to talk about a new phone plan with me.

I was pleased to learn that if I chose to switch my phone to the Sprint MyWay Plan, I would be able to keep my current phone number. This is pretty much a non-negotiable to me! I’ve had my same phone number for over 12 years. I was also happy to learn that the trade in value on my iPhone 5 was $150. I wish I could get more for it since it’s a $600 phone and I just got it this summer, but truthfully, I was due for an upgrade and the trade in value is about how much I paid!

When I asked about hidden fees, I learned that there really weren’t any! In fact, the activation fee is only $36 for this plan, and anyone wanting more than the provided 1GB of data per month can go unlimited for only $10 per month. This is much, much less than I pay right now! Also, the plan expires in one year from the time of signup. I wish it lasted longer, but since there’s no contract I can always leave the service and shop around again in a year if I choose to do that. My current phone plan certainly won’t let me leave before a year is up without a hefty fine, so the idea of not being strapped down is appealing. 

In the end, and with the help of the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store representative, I determined that this was not the most economical plan for me right now. Since I just bought an iPhone 5 through Verizon this summer, my contract had renewed for an additional 2 years. I’m kind of kicking myself, because this is kind of the deal of a life time, and I’m missing out because I don’t want to pay disconnect fees! 
I think if you are a student who is looking for a new phone plan, this is a fantastic option. If only there weren’t those blasted disconnect fees! This is such an AMAZING deal for most college students!

May I suggest, if you do sign up for the Sprint MyWay plan, get an iPhone 5! I love the quality of the pictures I get, plus you can’t beat the ability to sync with the iCloud. I couldn’t be happier with my iPhone 5, so that’s my recommendation if you sign up!

Are you looking for a new phone plan? Is this something you’d consider? Share with me in the comments below!

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