René Furterer OKARA Protect Color Gift Set

I have a whole post I am working on dedicated to post-pregnancy hair, but for now, I want to share a gift set I have been using and totally digging for my hair. I am going through some major hair loss right now, and in an effort to keep my hair looking fuller and more vibrant, I dyed it a few shades darker than my natural color. I haven’t had full on color besides ombre in  probably a year in a half so it’s been a bit of a transition for me! I was using color safe products on my ombre hair, but with dark hair, I think it looks its best when it’s shiny and healthy so I am placing extra emphasis on hair care! 

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For the holidays, René Furterer came out with the OKARA PROTECT COLOR Gift Set. In this kit is everything you need to help hold on to color longer, repair damage, and enhance radiance in between hair color sessions. The ingredients are top notch: natural okara (soybean) extract which is rich in lipids, sugars and minerals and works to repair hair from deep within to restructure and regenerate hair fiber; natural hamamelis extract derived from witch hazel that creates a bond between keratin and the coloring agent to preserve color, and more! This set is designed to keep hair luminous and silky soft.

rene furterer okaraThis is a four piece set, the first two pieces of which I use in the shower. The Radiance Enhancing Shampoo is sulfate free and helps to repair and rebuild damaged, color treated hair while enhancing the color’s intensity and radiance. I don’t typically enjoy sulfate free formulas because they don’t suds well on me, but I am getting a great lather with this and I really feel like it’s getting my hair clean while also making it super strong. I have noticed a major difference in how thick my individual hair strands feel, particularly when I pull it back in a ponytail. I have plenty of hair to go around most of the time but now that I’m basically balding my ponytail is kind of wimpy. I love that this feels like it’s thickening up my strands!

The Radiance Enhancing Conditioner comes in a slightly skinnier tube. This is meant to be left on hair for two minutes before rinsing out. It detangles, leaves hair silky and luminous, provides nourishment, in-depth repair, and has anti-fading powers to counteract free radicals and UV rays. I’m not going to lie- this smells…different to me. I’m not into the scent, but I really like the way it makes my hair feel. It doesn’t give me product buildup and my hair has been SO shiny while using this. 

boar bristle brushWhen I get out of the shower, I have been towel drying my hair, then spraying the Radiance Enhancing Spray on it from root to tip. This is a formula that you have to shake first, because the liquid separates in the bottle. It’s a daily leave in conditioning spray that detangles while a double UV filter and Vitamin E enhances protection against color fading. I think this also contributes to my hair feeling stronger and I can definitely tell a difference in the vibrance! 

I am using the boar bristle brush when my hair is dry and I think it really stimulates my roots and helps distribute the Radiance Enhancing Spray a little bit better. I have enjoyed this kit a ton and although I am due for a root touch up I feel like I can wait a bit longer when my hair is looking so shiny and healthy rather than dull and lifeless. 

For $70, this set is an investment, but it’s worth $117 so you are getting a better deal than you would purchasing each thing individually. You can find these at or call 1-800-522-8285 to find a salon near you! 

Is this something you would try? What is your favorite color safe product line?

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  1. 12.16.14

    I love Rene Furterer haircare products. I used to use the Karite line all of the time! I think that I tried something from the Okara line before, but would love to again! Excellent review!

  2. 12.16.14
    Phyrra said:

    This is a great little set!

  3. 12.16.14
    jessica said:

    Pregnancy hair lost is the worse!! I hated washing NY hair because I was afraid I’d end up bald when I was finish. This is a great kit I now love brushing my hair now that my hormones seem to have balanced themselves out

  4. 12.16.14
    Betzy Carmona said:

    I like the tube it comes on <3

  5. 12.17.14

    I may need this set because I’m coloring my hair this weekend!

  6. 12.17.14
    Bailey said:

    Sounds like a great set! I have a conditioning mask from the brand and it’s amazing.

  7. 12.17.14
    Destany said:

    That’s a neat little gift set!

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