Products for Sparse Eyebrows- Hits & Misses


I have super thin, sparse brows from overplucking in the 90s, and I am ALWAYS looking for something to fill them in. I have tried lots of different types of products. Pomades, brow pencils of all shapes and sizes, powders, creams, gels, and more. I’ve tried going lighter, going darker, going redder, going cooler. It’s safe to say, I’ve tried it all! Recently I gave a few more products a whirl and I wanted to share my thoughts with you on what I thought was worth it and what was a pass for super sparse eyebrows.

Products for Sparse Eyebrows- Hits & Misses

First up, Anastasia Dip Brow. I remember buying this when it first launched. I have the shade Dark Brown, and they have come out with many shades since then. I finally hit pan on this but I still have a lot of product left to use. This is my gold standard for a great eyebrow product. Why have I continued to look elsewhere? Because I bought this before my middle child was born, and she’s turning three in a few days, and that’s kind of gross. I don’t like to keep things that far past their shelf life (especially since I’m having major eye issues lately with allergies and dermatitis). I also don’t want to repurchase because I am a total makeup junkie and I’m always wanting to try the latest best thing. So the rest of this post is more or less what I branched out and found to replace my much loved Dip Brow!

It Cosmetics just launched a bunch of new products for Fall, and the Brow Power Powder and Brow Power Pomade were the two eyebrow products from the launch. The powder is in the shade Universal Taupe, which is a really great match for me in the rest of the It Cosmetics range. This is waterproof and it works really well with the brush/spoolie (sold separately) and with the pomade for a more finished look. The powder was a pass for me because I need more than just a bit of a boost in my eyebrows. They are in sad shape and I need something with a lot more oomph. 

However, I was showing a blonde friend of mine who never does anything to her eyebrows this product and she LOVES it. It is amazing on her. It gives her just a little bit of definition but if you remember your eyebrows before you discovered filling them, you know what I mean when I say that her life is changed for this product! I also think this would be perfect for someone who already has thick brows but just wants to add a bit of thickness. 

I am still using the pomade sometimes. I would compare it to Anastasia Brow Gel which I also own, but I like this one better because the brush is much smaller and I can really get in there. I don’t consider it a must in my beauty routine because I usually like to use something that has a little hold already, which I’m getting to next! 

Products for Sparse Eyebrows- Hits & Misses The Osmosis Brow Gel is my favorite new discovery for my eyebrows. This comes in four shades, of which the darkest shade, brown, is my best match. The lid comes with a little brush in the cap. It’s not the best tool to use but when I’m on the go I definitely work with it instead of packing an additional slanted brush. 

The formula is water-resistant, smudge-proof and is a cream/gel formula. There is no smearing, but if I get it on the skin below my eyebrow and I need to remove a little, I can use my fingernail and some pressure to remove my mistake. I like that it doesn’t slip around on its own but I can still remove an oops if I need to! The shade is also cooler rather than warmer. I’ve been liking something cool because anything that leans warm or red ends up looking funny in pictures or bringing out the redness in my face and eyes (hello allergy season). Cooler tones match the ashiness of my brown hair better so it looks more natural on me. Compared to the dark brown of the Dip Brow, Osmosis’s brow gel is slightly darker and cooler. 

A couple other neat details include that Osmosis Brow Gel is considered gluten-free and oncology friendly. I love great ingredients in my makeup and skincare so it’s nice to know that this is formulated with more sensitive skin in mind.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Foundation in Light; NARSissist LoadedPowermatte Lip Pigment in Walk This Way; Osmosis Brow Gel in Brown


Beauty products for sparse eyebrows
I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these products depending on what your needs are but I definitely had some hits and misses. What are some of your favorite products for shaping your brows? Are you like me and have lots of sparse areas or do you have a thicker brow naturally? Tell me all about them in the comments! 

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    Jenny S. said:


    I also want to try latest best skincare products to experience new effects. I don’t feel like using eyelashes because I had horrible experience using it that only a few strands left. I lose confidence that time and I don’t want to expose to people. So I hid myself in the house, waiting for my eyelashes to grow. From then on, I don’t use eyelashes, mascara is already enough. Thanks!

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