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I now have a six month old and I have to confess it’s only in the last month and a half that I’ve set foot back in the gym. It feels so good to take some fitness classes again and get my butt moving. I’ve been dropping weight too which is a huge bonus. My gym recently built on a new women’s locker room complete with stations for getting ready for your day after a workout. You better believe I’m taking advantage and packing a bag of post-workout essentials whenever I go now! Check out what I pack with me now when I go to the gym.

After a workout, I like to freshen up without taking the time to shower. I’ve been using the YUNI Shower Sheets to wipe my sweaty body down. I love the light scent of peppermint and citrus that doesn’t linger, but they do a great job deodorizing my body and I feel so fresh after I’ve used these! They’re also biodegradable, compostable, nontoxic, and have organic and natural ingredients. I love that they’re individually wrapped too, I can just grab one and go!

I’m also loving the Takesumi Detox deodorants. I bought a few of these in small sizes to try out from Amazon a while ago and I love the scents as well as the effective formula. These deodorants have activated bamboo charcoal and natural fermentation to chemically bind with toxins and bacteria to draw them from the skin. I still love some of my other natural deodorants and I plan to write a post soon detailing some of my favorites. So far I love the convenience of this one because it’s in a tube instead of a tub and the application is easy. It’s great for before and after my workouts! 

A year ago I got rid of almost all of my non-natural/organic/nontoxic scents and I have just a handful of them that I use a bunch. I’ve posted about my favorite natural fragrances before but in the last couple months discovered the favorite natural fragrances fragrance and I absolutely love it. This scent is a blend of vanilla bourbon, sweet cocoa, Indonesian sandalwood, caramelized resin, and tobacco. It works really well layered with other scents but I’ve been wearing it alone since it’s such a beautiful scent. The warmth of a vanilla fragrance is something I love on a daily basis and I’ve been wearing this non stop because it’s such an easy fragrance to wear. This stays in my makeup bag at all times and I love rolling this on my pulse points after the gym. 

I recently read an article about how women don’t wash their hair enough anymore and it grossed me out. I’m still low maintenance with my hair routine but I have added in the bhave gun powder as a dry shampoo and volumizer after my workouts. I also love to toss my hair up in a messy bun and recently discovered these hair ties that are amazing. They are just tight enough that they hold my hair in place but they don’t leave a mark at all when I want to take my hair down. You have to check them out! 

My skincare and makeup routine post workout is pretty simple. I usually put my skincare on first thing in the morning so I don’t have to worry about putting on more after my workout. While I’m freshening up, I do like to spritz on a little facial mist to waken up my face and take advantage of how good my skin looks right after sweating (seriously I love my skin after a good workout). Odacité Aloe + Imortelle is super hydrating and brings down the redness in my skin so it’s perfect for a little refresh. I don’t always apply moisturizer again but I’ve been rotating between a couple I really like and the new One Love Organics Skin Dew is usually in my bag. I’ve been super impressed with how glowy it makes my skin and I love the slight coconut scent! 

Onto makeup. After a workout I keep it my makeup really simple. I can always add on more later, and I usually do at some point in the afternoon! I have been really into the It Cosmetics CC+ Illumination lately. I love the coverage and that it has SPF. I will often use my Clinique All About Eyes Concealer after a workout so I can skip bringing my eye cream with me. It is super hydrating to my under eye area and brightens as well. This is one of my favorite beauty products over the years that I don’t think I’ve talked about much! I set my makeup with one of my favorite setting powders. I will often switch it up depending on what foundation I am using at the moment. I wrote a post about my favorite loose setting powders here

For my eyes, I will often use the gloMinerals Cream Stay Shadow Stick. This is one of my favorite green beauty finds and I have a whole post I am planning on many greener options for eyeshadow. I love that it has a sheer and glimmery finish. I apply it straight on my lid like a crayon and then buff it out with my ring finger. I like to use a cream blush stick like Jane Iredale’s Candid on my cheeks and gloMinerals bronzer (read my review) all over my face for some warmth. I’ll curl my lashes and use a mascara like Roller Lash or whatever else I have on hand. Curling your lashes at the gym might seem extreme but this whole beauty routine takes about 5 minutes or less and I think this tiny step has a lot of impact so I don’t skip it. BTW, my lashes are amazing right now because of Vega Lash. I will review it soon. My brows are Jane Iredale Great Shape and my lippie is whatever I have in my bag. 

My last step (if I remember) is using the Gressa Eye Tint in Aureo as a highlighter. I recently discovered this brand and have found some really great products that I’ll detail on the blog soon. Totally worth sharing about! The eye tint doesn’t show up on me very much but it makes the most stunning cream highlighter so I’m using it for that.

If you’re interested in getting ready on the go or need a quick beauty routine, you might also be interested in a multi purpose beauty product like the Bite Multistick (read my review). I carry this around a lot but forget it’s in my bag! Ilia Beauty has some of these as well as a few other brands I can think of. They make getting ready a breeze if you can find one you like! 

What do you bring to get ready with at the gym? I’m always so fascinated by everyone’s beauty routines. I love seeing what everyone uses as they are getting ready. 

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