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Brightly hued hair is a trend I don’t really follow in the winter, but it’s something I’m drawn to in the warmer months. Now that it is getting nicer out, I have an itch to try some funky colors in my hair. I’ve tried Anastasia’s Hair Chalks before, and now I’m trying POP by HairUWear.

Lauren Conrad recently showed off her new hair shade – bright pink dip dye. If you want to add in a pop of color in a more subtle way, try easy to-use POP by HairUWear Clip-In Color Strips ($8 each: Extensions.com). 

POP by HairUWear Color Strips easily clip into hair for a commitment-free streaked effect. Each bright strip gives hair 16 inches of color that pops for standout hair that gets noticed. Choose from six fun fantasy colors – Amethyst, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red, or mix multiple shades to express yourself though your hair.

If I had to choose if hair chalks or clip in hair was most accessible with my lifestyle, I’d choose clip in any day of the week! This was SO easy to use. With chalks, there’s more commitment. Although they wash out, you DO have to wash your hair to get them out. I only wash my hair a few times a week, and I don’t really want that staining my pillow case. Also I feel like I have to watch what I wear when I’m chalking my hair, because if I sweat at all or if it rains, I don’t want the color to bleed.

This was so beyond easy to use! It comes in a little plastic container and it is pre curled. If you like to curl your hair, you can put it in that way, otherwise, it’s easy to straighten. I would wear this several times in my hair before needing to wash it. Depending on if it gets product on it or not, you may need to wash it more often. For me, this would be the last thing I’d put in my hair when I was styling it, so there would be minimal heat protectant, hairspray, etc that gets on these.
Wondering where to wear clip in hair? Easy! I like to tuck it into the bottom of my do. Here are a couple gorgeous ways to showcase your streak:
Can you tell I’m just loving the way a streak of color looks in an updo or a braid? I love HairUWear, and this POP streak in purple is no exception! Endless ways to have fun and be creative with your normal do. Gotta love it!
Tell me…is a colorful streak something YOU would try?

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