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I’ve really changed the way I feel about fragrance and perfumes in the last year. For a long time I would buy whatever was trending at the mall, in magazines, the latest celebrity scent, etc. But as a consumer, my wish list in a fragrance is different now. I want better and less toxic ingredients. I want fragrance that is unique that won’t be what everyone else is wearing. I recently discovered Phlur and wanted to share a new fragrance favorite of mine!

Phlur makes unique and creative perfumes that are meant to be tried at home before purchasing. I love this, because I am often looking for a new fragrance online but I don’t want to splurge on an expensive bottle before I try it at home! Unlike more mainstream scents where you can find the scented ads in magazines or smell at the store, fragrance that’s only available online is harder to imagine in my head and impossible to figure out if I like it or not unless I purchase it! With Phlur, you pay for a sample set and you can apply that price later on to a full sized bottle if you so desire. 

I think it’s so unique the way they help you determine what perfume you’re going to want. The fragrance profile tells you details like how light or heavy the scent is, how long you can expect it to last on your skin, what the notes are, and what critics are saying. There’s also a soundtrack of music that evokes the same vibe as the fragrances do, so if you like the music you might like the accompanying scent. So unique, right?

I had Moab and Hanami sent to me. I chose Moab because the notes of long pepper, clove, vanilla, jasmine, and tonka bean appealed to me. The pictures that went with this fragrance were of someone hiking in the desert. I ended up not loving it and I think it’s because it’s pretty spicy (which it said it would be). Hanami on the other hand was SO good. The description said it was “an aquatic floral tableau, with a reverent subtlety and a warm embrace.” I dislike really heavy florals, but the profile said the scent had a lightness that was “effervescent and ethereal; a butterfly ice skating.” Sounds right up my alley! The notes include fig, white florals, hazelnut, and sandalwood. I tend to gravitate towards really fresh scents that don’t linger forever and have touches of warmth found in notes like sandalwood, vanilla, hazelnut, etc. I was definitely attracted to the fact that this was said to only last 4-6 hours on the skin. It really ticked all the boxes for me, and I ended up LOVING it. 

Phlur does a great job profiling the fragrances, and now that I’ve had practice picking out scents for myself, I think I’d also love Olmsted & Vaux. All of Phlur’s fragrances are cruelty-free, free of allergens, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary stabilizers and animal products. They are also made in the USA. Hanami is everything I could ask for in a signature scent. It’s complex and beautiful and I feel really special when I wear it because I’ve never smelled anything like it. Even my husband is a fan and he has a pretty picky nose. 


I got a little box at @hobbylobby months ago and I’m using it to store my little perfume samples. I used to hate having the tiny bottles laying around but when I can organize them I don’t mind. I like that I have 10-20 spritzes and if I end up loving it I can feel good about the purchase and if I don’t, I don’t waste my money on the full size. Some brands that I am loving lately: @jomalonelondon has the most beautiful scents and I got some minis at @nordstrom a while back but I haven’t pulled the trigger on a full size yet. @tsilaorganics has some really lovely fragrances. I will be reviewing one of their full sizes soon on the blog. Also loving @byrosiejane. I got their sampler from @beautylish recently. Also obsessed with @phlur. Their Hanami scent is life! #flatlays #beauty #perfume #naturalperfume #fragrance #slaytheflatlay #phlur #hanami #tsila #tsilaorganics #byrosiejane

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For Valentine’s Day this year I am asking for a full size bottle of Hanami (remember, I can use my credit from purchasing the sample towards a full size!) and the Moon Juice Cookbook. I also wanted to share how I store all my fragrance samples. Since learning more about unique fragrances I’m finding a lot of natural, organic, less toxic perfumers will send you tiny fragrance vials to try. These used to drive me nuts, because how do you store them?! I cut little pieces of stickers and wrote the names and brands on the vials and put them in this little box I got at Hobby Lobby. It’s the perfect way to keep them organized, and when I am feeling adventurous, I can reach for a new scent to try. 

Have you heard of Phlur? Which fragrance do you think you’d love the most?

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