Phlur Sandara Review

Phlur quickly became my favorite non-toxic fragrance brand when I discovered Hanami. Knowing how deep my love runs for that scent, I have branched out to try several of their other scents. Today I want to share with you my Phlur Sandara review. If you like calming scents that remind you of nature, you will probably fall for this scent like I have. 

If you want to try Sandara for yourself, get a month’s worth of fragrance in a sampler here for $13 (that’s $5 off for clicking here!) And apply the full $18 towards a full sized bottle once you decide you love it. Add Améline, Sandara, and Hanami if you want my top 3 recommendations! 

Phlur Sandara Review & Coupon Code Phlur Sandara Review

Calming and meditative, a spiritual journey inspired by a retreat into nature, Sandara evokes a mindful walk amongst the serene majesty of a Redwood forest. It’s about drawing power and energy from the healing elements of nature, and reconnecting with self as a respite from the constant chatter of our digital lives. With notes of forest air, violet leaves, timur pepper, sandalwood and oak moss, Sandara most of all is a reflection of you.

Based upon description alone, I was interested in trying this scent. As a mom of three young kids I’ve definitely found myself gravitating towards exercise and other activities that help me unwind. Finding serenity, meditating, and reconnecting with myself are things I actively seek out, so finding a non-toxic fragrance that can help me channel all of that sounded boss.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…natural and organic fragrances are typically not that exciting. I love vanilla, coconut, and other natural notes but essential oil based fragrances don’t have a ton of variety or depth. Phlur came on the scene and changed all of that. Their fragrances are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainably sourced and packaged with recycled materials. Are they always using organic? No. But after educating myself on sustainability, I’m actually really glad they choose to use safe synthetics and save the environment where they can. 

Sustainably sourced

Why does sustainability matter? Certain ingredients are rare and precious. In ancient days, spices were valued as gold, and just as subject to counterfeiting and fraud. Many resources are harvested to the point of near-extinction. It’s important to be good stewards of the earth for future generations. 

Nepalese Timur Pepper

The key ingredient in Sandara is Nepalese timur pepper. It contains lemony top notes, with traces of ginger, grapefruit and spice. It’s such a beautiful fragrance and when sourced by Phlur, is a critical source of income to those women working in the impoverished communities in Nepal. 

Overall thoughts

Phlur Sandara Review & Coupon

I find myself reaching for Sandara so often lately. It really is a relaxing, warm scent unlike any other fragrances in my collection. If I close my eyes, I can picture myself transported to a redwood forest doing yoga. It’s the perfect mix of woodsy, sultry, and fresh all wrapped up into one beautiful scent. And the fact that it’s non-toxic means it’s become a guilt-free indulgence and fast favorite in my collection! 

Try it at a discount!

If you want to try Sandara for yourself, get a month’s worth of fragrance here for $13 (that’s $5 off for clicking here!) And apply the full $18 towards a full sized bottle once you decide you love it.

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