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My post about L’Occitane’s Néroli & Orchidée fragrance the other day really got me thinking about Spring and fragrances that I like to wear. At 20 weeks pregnant, I have a very sensitive sniffer, but there are many perfumes that still pass the test. What I think smells good tends to vary on a daily basis lately, so it’s nice to have lots of options to choose from! These are some fragrances that I’ve been turning to regularly!

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A while back a friend gave me a little three pack of Michael Kors fragrances. The scents are Sporty CitrusSexy Amber, and Glam Jasmine. They are available in a large size, but I find the small size is perfect for me and very portable. I never go through a huge perfume so I actually much prefer rollerballs and tiny squirt bottles like these ones. These are available in large sizes individually but these small sized trios are sometimes available with a Michael Kors purchase at the department store. Keep your eye out! I love all three scents and find them perfect for every day. Glam is my favorite.

Pure Natural Diva Botanicals is a line of natural perfume that I am testing out right now. I’ll have a more comprehensive review later, but my favorite scent of the bunch is Pure. This perfume has cassie, lavender, soothing chamomile, lemon, lime, and Egyptian neroli. I couldn’t place why it smelled so familiar at first, but in a way it smells like a more feminine version of Old Spice to me! I am testing some other organic perfume from this line and I’ll give my full review soon!

vince camuto femme.jpg

Vince Camuto Femme is a very feminine fragrance with floral and citrus notes. This perfume has some of my absolutely favorite notes in it, in fact it reminds me of Victoria’s Secret Pink which I used to wear non stop in high school. The base notes are very similar in both fragrances- Femme’s base has patchouli, vetiver, amber, vanilla, and musk. VS Pink is almost identical but contains sandalwood instead of the patchouli and amber. They are really quite similar!

This is a classy fragrance that I think would work best for during the day, and would be awesome in a professional setting. It would be great for job interviews because it has a very confident air about it. With citrus, pink pepper, jasmine, rose, and iris, on the top and middle of the base notes I described above, you can see that it’s a very floral scent. I don’t think it’s old lady at all though! Very elegant and classy and I feel important whenever I put it on!

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A couple little bottles of perfume I have are totally worth mentioning. By LUSH, Sun is a great fragrance that totally reminds me of summer. Notes of orange, tangerine, mimosa, and sandalwood are what make up this fragrance. In fact, there is very little other than essential oils in this scent, so it’s super safe to wear and makes me feel good about wearing it with a baby in my belly! I also have to love that the fragrance was inspired by the vision of a sun on a lollipop stick! It reminds me of the summers of my childhood with not a worry in sight.

Sikkim Girls, also by LUSH is a super seductive, heady, exotic floral. This is a different scent than one I would normally gravitate towards. Some of the notes are frangipani, jasmine, vanilla, and tuberose. It’s very strong and sensual and I definitely smell the tuberose most. I think the reason I like this is it’s so different. It reminds me of going into those shops that sell incense and wood earrings. It reminds me of going to music festivals in the dog days of summer. It’s not something I would ever wear every day, but I like it a little dab of it and it really makes me nostalgic for summer in college.

Bath Bar’s Zen Milk is an all time favorite of mine. I wore it non stop when I first got it, and haven’t really used it much since. It’s a really sexy musk with a hint of floral, vanilla, and sugar. It is such a delicious, feel good scent that you just want to eat. I think almost everyone in the world would love this as long as they love vanilla. It smells like I want to eat it, although it’s not so sugary sweet that it’s overwhelming. It’s a perfect soft scent that I want to reapply all day long.

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Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance is another fast favorite of mine. I could and probably should write a love letter to Ralph Lauren for all the perfumes I have used and been addicted to of theirs in my life. When I was in high school, I remember using Ralph at my job as a fast food worker at Culver’s. I wasn’t allowed to wear perfume there, but in my opinion it just smelled fresh like I had just gotten out of the shower. Fast forward to college, and I was addicted to Romance. It was the perfect sophisticated scent, and it reminded me of Ralph all grown up, but still flirty and sweet. Midnight Romance is like Ralph and Romance’s older, prettier sister.

It’s a little more sensual than Romance and as the name would suggest, it is perfect for night time. I think you could get away with it as an every day fragrance too! It’s got some fruity and floral tones as well as richer and deeper tones like black vanilla. I have been wearing this non stop since I got it and love that it smells similar to other scents in the line that I have known forever!

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Clinique Happy Heart is pretty much my failsafe scent. This scent can do no wrong. I have a history with Clinique perfumes, since Clinique Happy was my signature scent in middle school- my mom would give me her sample bottles from her gift with purchase and I would always use them up. Middle school was awkward and terrible so that scent and the memories associated with it gives me the willies now.

Clinique Happy Heart is fresh, floral, and absolutely perfect for every day. The notes are water hyacinth, mandarin, cucumber, yellow primrose, and blond woods. The style of the scent is fresh, warm and optimistic. Best yet, with every purchase of a bottle of this fragrance, $10 gets donated to the Clinique Happy Hearts Fund. If I had to choose one perfume to wear for the rest of my life, this would be it. That’s how much I love it!

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Love 2 Love fragrances are available exclusively at Walmart. Freesia & Violet Petals and Orange Blossom & White Musk are two fragrances that I own. I wish I had known about these in high school, because they would have rivaled my favorite Bath & Body Works scents! These are great fragrances, strong, and long lasting, which is a shocker for the low price point. Walmart stores are everywhere too so you’ll have no problem locating them. Take care when spraying as they are quite strong and a little dab will do ya. The body sprays are a little less strong if you’re more of a light fragrance type.

Guess Girl Belle is another great fragrance perfect for every day. It’s fruity and flowery without being overwhelming. Australian sandalwood, musk, and vanilla are some of the notes in the base, but I pick up most on the pink peony and mixed berries found in the middle and top notes! I really like this fragrance. When I was going through perfumes to write this article, I stumbled upon this bottle and remembered it was an old favorite from last year that I had put aside. Now that I’ve rediscovered it, I’ll definitely be wearing it all the time!

What do you wear in the Spring? I love having lots of scents so I can choose a different one all the time!


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