Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Limited Edition Lumina Collection

Years ago, I got my hair styled at a salon by the most amazing straightening iron of all time. It was at a Paul Mitchell salon when I was in college about 10 years ago (wow, has it really been that long?!) and at the time I couldn’t shell out the money for it. The stylist told me that the key to the perfect heat tool was that it would have titanium plates. I have very thick, coarse, naturally wavy hair and a lot of it to boot, so it can be hard to style at times. It’s always stuck with me that titanium plates work the best for my hair, so every straightener I’ve owned since has been titanium.  

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Recently, I have been upgrading some of my heat tools. I discovered an amazing curling iron over the summer (that I still need to tell you all about!) and I recently upgraded my straightener to the Neuro Smooth by Paul Mitchell. This one is in a limited edition iridescent finish for the holidays. It comes in silver and dark blue and I have the dark blue to show you. And of course, it’s made with titanium plates!

paul mitchell neuro smooth straightenerThe Neuro Smooth is 1.25″ and heats up to 450°F in 30 seconds. The control buttons are on the inside of the tool and the temperature display is on the outside and it lights up. The plates are IsoTherm titanium and the tool is able to easily produce either straight hair or curls, depending on how you use it.

lumina collection neuro smoothI’ve been using straighteners for years and I still haven’t perfected straightener curls so I’m using this to keep my hair straight and smooth. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week so in the meantime I like to keep my hair manageable without having to add in a ton of product. It usually ends up getting straightened and worn that way for the first two days, then I’ll switch to curls or wearing it up for the rest of the life of my wash.

neuro smooth straight hairpaul mitchell neuro smooth hair backI was really pleased with the results of this straightener. With my ombré hair, I’ve found that if it’s not styled properly, it can look like a frizzy, unintentional mess. I love that I’m able to get my hair stick straight and that none of my kinks or frizz stick around. I am using a heat protectant every time I straighten, and then I’ll brush through my hair to get any tangles out, and do one to two passes on small chunks of hair throughout. The Neuro Smooth did a really nice job! 

neuro smooth paul mitchell lumina limited editionOn a different note, one of my friends just used this the other day when she was at my house and was in disbelief that the screen lit up with the temperature. She said she’s never seen that before. Is that not a thing? I’m pretty sure every straightener I’ve owned has had temperature controls. She also said it was the nicest, fastest straightener she’s ever used. I think I would agree with her! I’m not sure if the straightener I was using before heats up quite as hot as this one does. I think the great results are a combination of the plates being small enough to get in as close to the root as possible, the titanium, and the heat. It also doesn’t hurt to have a snazzy looking straightener- I’m digging the blue! 

The Paul Mitchell Holiday Limited Edition Neuro Smooth Lumina Collection retails for $134.99, visit for locations to purchase.

What straightener are you currently using? 

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  1. 12.17.15

    Very nice. Nothing like a good smoothing iron. My hair needs it most days.

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