Pantone Fall Color Report 2012- Ultramarine Green

Ultramarine Green- what a rad color!  I like how earthy it is and how it seems to be a green and teal hybrid.  Green is a color that I don’t wear often enough for how much I like it.  I have a few accessories in the shade, and a bit of makeup, but virtually no green clothes.  I need to change that this fall, because not only is it in style, but it is a very flattering color on most skin tones.  What is your favorite way to wear green?

Pantone Fall Color Report 2012- Ultramarine Green

“The Fab Life” eyeshadow by Lancome is one of my very favorite eye shadows out there right now.  Check out this post where we swatch many of our favorite green colors.  It’s an oldie but a goodie!  
If you are itching for a change in hair color leaning towards the unnatural like the cute model above, I would totally recommend using Streekers hair colors as a temporary change up.  We did a post about them here and we loved how they were subtle and didn’t make a mess yet really made a statement.
Of all the cuteness happening in this post, I am totally lusting after that huge green statement necklace and the druzy ring.  The Pantone Fall Colors chevron coasters aren’t too shabby either.  What a cute idea!  Makes me want to make my own coasters like I did for my wedding, but with these colors instead.  Anyone want to see a DIY post on making your own coasters?    
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